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gossip about (someone or something)

To speak about someone or something in a hurtful or spiteful manner. Those popular girls are always gossiping about someone in our class. Oh please, I know you're the one who gossiped about me and started those awful rumors!
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gossip about someone or something

to talk maliciously about someone or something. Who are you gossiping about now? They are gossiping about what happened last weekend.
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The gossipy narrative style draws the reader into his world, making you a part of it.
Most of the new tabloids, though by no means all, print Monday through Friday, run short and gossipy stories from wire services, fill about 40 pages, and are distributed along public transportation routes.
In most instances, he shows us what others have had to deal with and we are able to recognise ourselves in the many examples (which are fun and even hedge on the gossipy) scattered throughout the book.
Although both romance and mainstream titles show how conflicts can be overcome, mainstream titles are often funny, gossipy, dramatic, weepy or scandalous.
Not only are they more fun than those nagging, complaining, gossipy buds you used to hang out with, but you'll find their optimistic attitude contagious.
The end product is a fascinating, gossipy book and theatre-lovers will not be disappointed, but there are flaws.
They are in fact, elegant, entertaining, gossipy and full of memorable anecdotes.
They've had their personal lives exposed by gossipy, revisionist biographies that, while often providing illuminating and important information, also traffic in accusations that might or might not be true but become fixed in the public's mind.
By allowing us confederacy to the gossipy confessional disclosures, we are made complicit in the fictional deceit.
The device is responsible for the book's realism but is overdone in some places, approaching a gossipy tone worthy of People magazine.
According to Mayer's uneven account, which vacillates between gossipy insider stories and dry detail, the Fed is the "umbrella supervisor" for everything financial, but knows and cares little about insurance, securities and, especially, derivatives.
Boze Hadleigh has been publishing gossipy books about gay celebrity and cinema for nearly two decades.
If such entries seem gossipy, they have hit their mark.
This wealth of spellbinding detail creates a rather gossipy relationship between author and reader -- particularly since much of the evidence relates to intimate surgical operations.
Visitors landing at Providenciales, the most populated of the Caribbean's Turks and Caicos (kay-kos) Islands, are greeted with the sight of excavating cranes, while roaring bulldozers drone out the locals' gossipy banter.