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Well, all the beach is gossiping about it; and Tudor persisted in repeating the gossip to me.
Even if they are gossiping about something that is truthful, it can still be harmful if it is a sensitive topic.
Also, by gossiping about mutually interesting topics, such as dislike of a third person, ISs build friendships and a social network (Wert & Salovey, 2004).
In a sense, they have been gossiping about Brett, and it is "rather a knock" for her to learn that Romeo has been ashamed of her in front of his friends (242).
That is, until one of the girls you have been gossiping about finds out.
Find out what people are gossiping about and you're quite likely to find out what else drives them.
The amount of time spent gossiping about work related issues ranged from 1 to 2 minutes per incident for some, to 90 minutes on one occasion for one respondent.
Gossiping about other employees is a breach of confidentiality and a violation of trust.
If you don't have much in life, gossiping about someone makes you feel powerful and sometimes that power is wielded in an unpleasant way."
Gossiping about someone important makes them feel special.
Ironically, while her earlier gossiping damaged Darcy's public character in Meryton, her refraining from gossiping about Wickham contributes to her sister's Lydia's disgrace.