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gossip about (someone or something)

To speak about someone or something in a hurtful or spiteful manner. Those popular girls are always gossiping about someone in our class. Oh please, I know you're the one who gossiped about me and started those awful rumors!
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gossip about someone or something

to talk maliciously about someone or something. Who are you gossiping about now? They are gossiping about what happened last weekend.
See also: gossip
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speculation without knowledge, gossip for no rhyme or reason, is plain sad, it's foolishness and the opposite of nice.
The sweets serve as the ideal gift or after dinner treat and pair particularly well with traditional Arabic coffee - another Gossip specialty.
Professor Guiseppe Lablanca concedes that gossip often consists of hearsay, half-truths, and innuendos and can absorb a large amount of your staff's time.
2) Still, Maldito amor goes further, using gossip as a means not just of questioning dominant narratives, but also of rendering a more fundamental epistemological uncertainty.
16) using examples and texts from different gossip magazines, and interlaces it with an analysis of genre, its role and its relationship with society.
That type of communication is very simple to do and goes a long way to dispel the negative side of any gossip.
Gossip, loosely defined as idle talk or private affairs of people other than the speaker and his or her narrow band of listeners, is everywhere on the planet Earth; only thing that varies from place to place or region to region, is the degree of exaggeration attached to it by the people involved in the art - which is more or less determined by the motive and the social status of the very people: at one extreme, for some, it is just habitual and they can't help it and the effect borders on mere innocence; at the other extreme, there are serious manipulators with an agenda, though.
Researchers noted that participants often warned others about a selfish member's behavior or spread good gossip about someone.
As a social interaction, gossip was the most frequent form of daily talk in a college student sample (Goldsmith & Baxter, 1996).
Some people are actively involved in generating gossip messages ('gossip source'), while others are silent readers of the messages ('gossip sink'), and there are some who play both roles.
28 ( ANI ): The general notion about gossip and social exclusion is that they are always malicious, undermining trust and morale in groups, but a new study has suggested that sharing this kind of "reputational information" could have benefits for society.
Gossip Circle provides gamers an entertaining way to dive into the creative arts with their minds.
People should be careful with gossip, especially when there are children about.
A CHANNEL providing all the latest news and gossip from Bollywood is being streamed via mobile digital devices thanks to technology from a Swansea-based company.
Along with some useful information, gossip contains a fair share of biases, acidic remarks and jealousy.