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gossip about (someone or something)

To speak about someone or something in a hurtful or spiteful manner. Those popular girls are always gossiping about someone in our class. Oh please, I know you're the one who gossiped about me and started those awful rumors!
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gossip about someone or something

to talk maliciously about someone or something. Who are you gossiping about now? They are gossiping about what happened last weekend.
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Schmidt (2010) conducted a study in the United States and examined the effects of office gossip on cognition-affective, organizational commitment, engagement, and organizational citizenship behaviors.
Lablanca says: 'You can't simply ban gossip. In our research, we find that 96% of employees admit to engaging in gossip at work.
16) using examples and texts from different gossip magazines, and interlaces it with an analysis of genre, its role and its relationship with society.
Gossip, loosely defined as idle talk or private affairs of people other than the speaker and his or her narrow band of listeners, is everywhere on the planet Earth; only thing that varies from place to place or region to region, is the degree of exaggeration attached to it by the people involved in the art - which is more or less determined by the motive and the social status of the very people: at one extreme, for some, it is just habitual and they can't help it and the effect borders on mere innocence; at the other extreme, there are serious manipulators with an agenda, though.
Still think productive gossip exists only on well-scripted reality shows?
Her parents are arranging her marriage," gossip refers to two or more people exchanging evaluative information about an absent third person (Foster, 2004).
"Gossip is a social process,'' two Georgia Tech researchers wrote in a 2012 paper examining the email from employees at Enron Corp.
The original Gossip Girl starred Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley and British actor Ed Westwick as a group of spoiled teens living in Manhattan's Upper East Side.
Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella said that the gossip column had misreported in the past as well and needs to be dealt with.
And some might argue religion is built on gossip - so the Pope would be out of a job without it.
The team of researchers counted conversation as gossip if it was about someone, not present.
He added that they should practise their profession in a Christian style, treating customers with kindness and courtesy, and always offering them a good word and encouragement.In all fairness, it was not clear whether the pope was against gossip per se or if he was specifically against hairdressers, hair stylists and beauticians doing it.
But aside from the difficulty of enforcing this sort of ordinance, should gossip really get such a bad rap?
The work of an engineer turned artist is part of an exhibition by Stirling-based art collective GOSSIP.