gospel truth

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the gospel truth

The absolute or indisputable truth. I was home all night, and that's the gospel truth—Mom can confirm it.
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(the) gospel truth

Fig. the undeniable truth. The witness swore he was telling the gospel truth. I told my parents the gospel truth about how the vase broke.
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gospel truth

Something that is unquestionably true. For example, Every word he uttered was the gospel truth. The word gospel, which comes from the Old English god spel, "good news," has been used to describe something that is thought to be as true as the biblical gospel (that is, undeniably true) since the 13th century. The current idiom originated in the 1600s, when it referred to biblical truths, and has been applied to truth of a more general nature since the late 1800s. Also see take as gospel.
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gospel truth

the absolute truth. informal
1998 Mirror Any research that puts down men is accepted as gospel truth these days.
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gospel (truth)

n. the honest truth. You gotta believe me. It’s the gospel truth!
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For this day, Psalm 120 is a despairing call to God from one surrounded by enemies; Romans 15 focuses on Gospel truth as a unifying force; and Luke 21 contrasts Christ's vision of apocalyptic "despayre" with an assertion of the permanence of the Word.
gospel truth Christ-like figure in North Dublin yesterday
Opposing any freedom to the agency to probe senior officers without informing the government, Vahanvati stated, " Let us not proceed on the basis that what the CBI says is the gospel truth," the attorney- general submitted before a bench, presided over by Justice R.
That meant we didn't pass the audition and I went on to join a band, the Gospel Truth, and we played all over the world, British army bases, Crete, Greece, Germany and in Cyprus at Rosie O'Grady's bar, and the cruise ships.
Of course, surveys can't be regarded as the Gospel truth, but these three do suggest that, as a nation, we're not half as exciting and adventurous as we think we are.
These thugs hang on to every word these clerics preach and believe it to be the gospel truth - thus violence.
To mark the first anniversary of the charity's 50p Life Change Appeal, which was launched last December by Hollywood actor Brian Cox, Gamu, right, teamed up Echo And The Bunnymen guitarist Gordie Goudie and two members of the Gospel Truth Choir in an impromptu showcase for shoppers.
However, when the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) report was leaked they had said that it was the gospel truth.
Yet we continue to accept this hand-wringing spin as if it were the gospel truth.
He seems to be one of those who take every word of the political establishment as Gospel truth.
In 1983, he opened and was owner of the Gospel Truth, a Christian bookstore in Fitchburg.
I allow that every branch of the gospel truth is precious, that errors are abounding, and that it is our duty to bear an honest testimony to what the Lord has enabled us to find comfort in.
It seems to me a shame that whatever garbage Diane comes out with about me is reported as the gospel truth, but of course a lot of people have their own agenda about me because of my support for the Scottish Nationalists" - Sir Sean Connery, who is involved in an "acrimonious feud" with his former wife, Diane Cilento.
But the gospel truth is that Jesus creates a crisis by his presence in our world and in our lives.
They have come up with figures on the back of a fag packet and are putting them out as gospel truth.