gospel truth

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the gospel truth

The absolute or indisputable truth. I was home all night, and that's the gospel truth—Mom can confirm it.
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(the) gospel truth

Fig. the undeniable truth. The witness swore he was telling the gospel truth. I told my parents the gospel truth about how the vase broke.
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gospel truth

Something that is unquestionably true. For example, Every word he uttered was the gospel truth. The word gospel, which comes from the Old English god spel, "good news," has been used to describe something that is thought to be as true as the biblical gospel (that is, undeniably true) since the 13th century. The current idiom originated in the 1600s, when it referred to biblical truths, and has been applied to truth of a more general nature since the late 1800s. Also see take as gospel.
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gospel truth

the absolute truth. informal
1998 Mirror Any research that puts down men is accepted as gospel truth these days.
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gospel (truth)

n. the honest truth. You gotta believe me. It’s the gospel truth!
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gospel truth

Something that may safely be believed. This term dates from the Middle Ages, when Christianity was almost universally accepted in Western civilization. Thus Chaucer used “gospel” in numerous places to mean incontrovertible truth. The word “gospel” is actually a corruption of the Old English godspel, meaning “good tidings,” and was used to signify the glad tidings preached by Jesus, the life of Jesus as told in the New Testament (whose first four books are generally referred to as the Gospels), and the religious doctrine set forth there. Thus gospel truth literally means something as true as what is contained in the Gospels, which once were believed to be literally true, and the term has survived universal belief in that faith by a good many years.
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In other words, the scientific worldview relativizes the Gospel truth by treating philosophical speculations as primary.
The Gospel Truth, Susan Werner (Sleeve Dog Records): In a world where flashy bands like the Pussycat Dolls get all the attention, it's a welcome relief to find an artist like Susan Werner, who has made a compelling little CD that might just be the world's first gospel recording for agnostics.
Stunned that the gospel truth was no longer the gospel truth.
The Chicago-based Werner recorded "The Gospel Truth" after being inspired in the summer of 2006 at the Chicago Gospel Music Festival after her friend remarked: "Wow, is there a way you can get all this joy, but without the Jesus?"
We believe that in the pluralistic society of North America, only a church that is politically and culturally independent can convince its own and others of gospel truth (Rom 1:16)....
The 1970 big-screen romantic drama Love Story made famous the slogan "love means never having to say you're sorry." Soon after came John Lennon's infamous rejoinder: "Love means having to say you're sorry every five minutes." The fab singer-songwriter was closer to the gospel truth.
By now, it's become gospel truth that the mobilization of religious conservatives won the 2004 election for George W.
Suddenly, I awoke as from a dream, beholding the wonderful life of the Gospel truth, and prayed for guidance towards piety" --Letter 232.
Conservatives have long lamented the left's near monopoly over the institutions of opinion and information, which has enabled liberal opinion makers, including television producers, to present their own views as gospel truth and sweep aside ideas and belief[s] they don't like."
Neopagans and others take this nonliteral and eclectic approach and run with it, freely fusing classical mythologies, tribal spiritual practices, and even popular fiction, all of which would be mutually exclusive if they were regarded as, to borrow a phrase, the Gospel truth. At the far end of the spectrum are those w ho do not merely regard religion as a human creation but actively identify themselves as its creators.
In place of the inherent and exclusive truth-claims of Latin, it proposes a model in which language is a malleable and multiform vehicle for the supralinguistic principle of Gospel truth. In all the vast complexity of its implications, the new English liturgy had its debut on a symbolically auspicious day; this inaugural service concretely announced that -- and obliquely explained why -- henceforth, "al thinges shalbe read and song in the churche, in the Englishe tongue, to thende yt the congregacion maie be therby edified." (15)
Despite the "humor and/or fabrication" disclaimer at the end of the column, readers took the cat's meow as gospel truth. Maybe those made-up comments from the reigning Miss Arkansas, Sara Harris, made the outlandish story seem more believable.
This set's only problem came from a certain self-conscious desire to reflect the gospel truth with such precise constructions, leading to a sometimes faltering, inhibited delivery.
In the end, this book is an interesting compilation of events surrounding the near-mythic bin Laden, but should be considered neither the final analysis nor the gospel truth.
Soon, they became the gospel truth in government circles.