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by guess or by gosh

By any means; without careful planning; relying on guesswork and luck. We don't have much to work with, but by guess or by gosh, we're going to figure out a way to save our business! He just throws his essays together by guess or by gosh, but he still manages to get good grades on them.
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gosh almighty

An exclamation of surprise, shock, frustration, anger, or annoyance. A euphemistic variant of "God almighty." Gosh almighty! If we'd stopped the car one second later that train would have hit us! I know you've had a long day at work, but gosh almighty, is it too much to ask for you to take out the trash? Gosh almighty, it's hot as the dickens out here!
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(oh) (my) gosh!

A mild exclamation of surprise, alarm, dismay, annoyance, or exasperation. ("Gosh" here is a substitution for "God," the use of which in an oath can be considered blasphemous.) Gosh, look at the time! How is it nearly midnight already? Oh my gosh! That cyclist nearly hit me! My gosh, Bill! Would it kill you to take out the trash once in a while?

by guess and by gosh

Without careful planning; relying on guesswork and luck. He just throws his essays together by guess and by gosh, but he still manages to get good grades on them.
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for gosh sakes

A mild oath of exasperation, annoyance, frustration, anger, or surprise. Would you let me finish my story, for gosh sakes? Oh for gosh sakes, I just had the car fixed and now you've put a dent in it! For gosh sakes! I haven't seen you in years!
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by guess and by gosh

 and by guess and by golly
Rur. by estimating; without careful planning. Jane: Did you have a plan for putting up that toolshed? Tom: Nope, we just sort of did it by guess and by gosh. Grandma always made dresses by guess and by golly, without using a pattern, and they always turned out just fine.
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For Pete's sake!

 and For pity's sake!; For the love of Mike!; For goodness sake!; For gosh sake!; For heaven('s) sake!
a mild exclamation of surprise or shock. For Pete's sake! How've ya been? For pity's sake! Ask the man in out of the cold!
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Abu Gosh had information about life-threatening terrorist activities.
Gosh had been arrested in November 2011 with 12 other army and security officers over charges of plotting to overthrow President al-Bashir.
Under a High Court ruling, Gosh is forbidden from allowing Charlie to be transferred for nucleoside therapy anywhere.
Having the video broadcast with the hospital allowed us to have a link again with GOSH and really made me miss the team there.
GOSH asserts that further treatment would unnecessarily "prolong" Charlie's suffering.
Caring has also announced a banquet at his new venue Sexy Fish, for GOSH doctors and nurses and those who have been involved with the campaign.
As well as the big cheque for GOSH, the Harlow RGT benefitted to the tune of more than pounds 2,000 from the big night.
While the number of Apple devices in use at GOSH is still limited, more can be introduced whenever the trust wishes to start new projects.
GOSH will contribute 99% of Geotech Holding to IGSS in exchange for newly issued shares in IGSS.
I came in, like, shaking, like, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, this is happening
I''m also running for her mum, and families like hers, to continue the work Gosh does to help and support those whose precious ones who are in hospital.
Summary: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir issued a decree early Friday replacing influential intelligence chief Salah Gosh with his deputy Mohamed Atta Al-Moula Abbas.
Our launch of the website coincides with research conducted by GOSH, which revealed that almost half of 12-18 year olds in the UK cannot name a single mental health condition.
Sam Gosh, regional CEO of the Middle East and Indian subcontinent for Allianz, said Issa has "a deep knowledge" of the Middle East insurance market and has more than 18 years of experience with Allianz.
Sir Cyril Chantler, chairman of GOSH, welcomed the appointment.