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the gory details

The specific (perhaps lurid, explicit, or gritty) details in an account of something. Stacy went to Kim's party, and she better give us the gory details.
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the gory details

the explicit details of something.
1988 David Carpenter God's Bedfellows She starts telling me some of the gory details…it was cancer…and everybody knew he was dying.
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gory details, the

Unpleasant particulars. The word gore, from Old English and German words meaning blood that had been shed and clotted, came to denote, by extension, murder, bloodshed, and other kinds of violence. It was so used by Dickens in Barnaby Rudge (1841), “Something will come of this. I hope it mayn’t be human gore.” Literally, therefore, gory details means “bloody details,” but despite violence being by no means obsolete, the term has been transferred to mean the unpleasant particulars of just about anything, ranging from a business transaction to a divorce. It is also used ironically for any details, whether pleasant or not.
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Competition gets more and more tough every year -- the battle is not with the product but more in terms of finding what's most appropriate and attractive for the customer," said Gory.
My definition of gory or vulgar may not agree with somebody else's.
Without the test, Jeff would have wound up in a heap and might not be here," Gory says.
It's a hilarious and biting satire on a very violent and gory snuff film.
In Part 7 (pair), a Rorschach-like ambiguity in twenty-three-carat gold leaf, looking something like a detached human jawbone, hovers above another gory splash that again obscures the head of a nude male cadaver.
The problem is that while creative destruction can appear bloodless and rational from an academic distance, looking at the process through the filter of your last pay stub--something guys like Schumpeter are never forced to do themselves--the phenomenon is a lot more gory and unpleasant.
I don't need him to learn about gory street crime or oral sex all at once through a shock-value video game.
That "friend," 23-year-old Gory Frahm, had been arrested the week before after leading police on a chase in the wake of a burglary at a house whose owner identified him as the culprit.
Deitz, one half of "The Gory and Jay Show" on Lick, will launch the Homefront Radio Network Nov.
Schlosser doesn't pull any punches, explaining in gory detail exactly what lies behind the success of Happy Meals and other fast food creations.
These plants not only look gory," says botanist Barry Meyers-Rice, a Nature Conservancy biologist, "they do gory stuff.
i gotta say, lillian girl, follow the straight line from ghana to gory island to harlem u.
Bintley's gory two-act work, created for Stuttgart Ballet in 1995, has entered the repertory of the company he now directs in England's Midlands.
It's a scene so gory that no self-respecting person would relish watching it.
The female driver of the car was not hurt but was traumatised by the gory scene, with her car smashed and smeared in blood.