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1. slang An initialism for "God Only Really Knows," a notation sometimes used by medical professionals on the chart of a patient who could not be properly diagnosed. The term has been criticized for being unprofessional and insensitive. Oh great, the diagnosis listed is "GORK"—how does that help me to treat the patient?
2. noun, offensive slang A derogatory medical term for a patient whose brain is no longer functioning, requiring the use of machines to keep them alive. That guy's a gork, so the family needs to decide whether or not to leave him on the respirator.
3. verb, slang To sedate a patient. I gorked that patient because he kept trying to hit any nurse that came near him.
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gorked (out)

Sl. heavily sedated; knocked out. Once the patient was gorked, he was more cooperative. The guy in Room 226 is totally gorked out now.
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1. n. a fool; a dupe. Martin acts like such a gork sometimes.
2. and GORK in. an alleged hospital chart notation of the diagnosis God only really knows. (Hospitals.) I see old Mr. Kelly is in again with a hundred complaints. His chart says GORK.
3. tv. to give a patient sedation. (Hospitals.) Dr. Wilson says to gork the patient in 226.


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