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the gory details

The specific (perhaps lurid, explicit, or gritty) details in an account of something. Stacy went to Kim's party, and she better give us the gory details.
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the gory details

the explicit details of something.
1988 David Carpenter God's Bedfellows She starts telling me some of the gory details…it was cancer…and everybody knew he was dying.
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gory details, the

Unpleasant particulars. The word gore, from Old English and German words meaning blood that had been shed and clotted, came to denote, by extension, murder, bloodshed, and other kinds of violence. It was so used by Dickens in Barnaby Rudge (1841), “Something will come of this. I hope it mayn’t be human gore.” Literally, therefore, gory details means “bloody details,” but despite violence being by no means obsolete, the term has been transferred to mean the unpleasant particulars of just about anything, ranging from a business transaction to a divorce. It is also used ironically for any details, whether pleasant or not.
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No jolly musical romp, this is an 18-certificate horrormusical in which throats are gorily cut, thick red blood flows readily and bodies are hacked up, cooked and served as "delicious" pies.
However, it's not gorily presented and there's nothing so obvious that it would scare the children.
Elsewhere a giant bullfrog creates a channel to rescue its tadpoles, threatened by evaporation in the hot African sun, a lioness pulls down a kudu and two sea lion bulls fight gorily to the death in blood-spattered snow.
To young Hirst fans eager to lap up a brand-new Britpop soundtrack of unreleased material by Pulp and Blur, and to see cult-comic Eddie Izzard as a psychiatrist in a direct tribute to Hitchcock's Spellbound, it was scant comfort that they were permitted to scrutinize the living genitals on the five actors who were part of Greenaway's room full of sound effects and fury; or that they could view ad infinitum the snapping alien ("18" certificate on film and video) springing gorily from John Hurt's stomach, part of Scott's four-monitor mishmash of movie clips and production notes.
It may not quite live up to the hype that was generated by its stunning teaser trailer, but Dead Island still manages to be gorily good fun.
Snyder visualizes the mayhem as graphically and gorily as possible.
Essentially a Korean answer to Saving Private Ryan with its present day bookends and gorily visceral battle scenes of chopped up body parts, Brotherhood (15, 148 mins) follows two South Korean brothers forcibly conscripted in the war against the North.
Barnabas's rebirth, for example, results in 11 necks being gorily chewed, but later he's comically dismantling a TV set showing Karen Carpenter while crying, "Reveal yourself, tiny songstress".
A dedicatedly over-the-top, gorily comic approach a la Sam Raimi's first two "Evil Dead" pics would have been fine.
This urban slant on America's bloody history has rarely been seen before, but it's tackled here with gorily intense relish by director Martin Scorsese in this powerful period drama based on true stories of the time.
In The Revenge, Roy Scheider wisely having exited gorily in No 2, his widow Ellen, played by Lorraine Grey, gets away from it all - by going to live in the shark-infested Caribbean.