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the gory details

The specific (perhaps lurid, explicit, or gritty) details in an account of something. Stacy went to Kim's party, so she had better give us the gory details. The report goes into the gory details of the government's agenda.
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the gory details

the explicit details of something.
1988 David Carpenter God's Bedfellows She starts telling me some of the gory details…it was cancer…and everybody knew he was dying.
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gory details, the

Unpleasant particulars. The word gore, from Old English and German words meaning blood that had been shed and clotted, came to denote, by extension, murder, bloodshed, and other kinds of violence. It was so used by Dickens in Barnaby Rudge (1841), “Something will come of this. I hope it mayn’t be human gore.” Literally, therefore, gory details means “bloody details,” but despite violence being by no means obsolete, the term has been transferred to mean the unpleasant particulars of just about anything, ranging from a business transaction to a divorce. It is also used ironically for any details, whether pleasant or not.
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We have "cage fighters," "ultimate fighters," Hollyweird and video games offer spectacles gorier and more horrific than actual combat, "murder for the masses" featuring killing without conscience, senseless slaughter without risk, consequences --or reasons.
Georgia Kacandes, Alexandra Mitchan, Rick Yorn, Irwin Winkler, Danny Dimbort, Joel Gorier. DIRECTED BY Martin Scorsese.
In addition to such cinematic output, there is the prevalence of violent video games (the gorier and grosser, the better) that are fighting for shelf space.
Gorier noticed that most of the illnesses leading to the death of HIV-infected patients were malignancies.
The modern circus simply borrowed the title of a much gorier Roman spectacle.
Scenes where they take refuge in a secluded house add to the tension, and the writer's conveyance of some of the gorier details is deserving of the big screen.
The short answer is buried in Goldstein's claim that, because there "always has been" an interest in death, the removal of oneself from the authentic spectacle, particularly in modern times, becomes sublimated by the most interactive representations--the gorier the better.
This sequel is more of the same - but even gorier. A group of girls on a caving trip face unimaginable horrors.
But when Justice sonia sotomayor pressed him to explain the legal distinction between the dog fight videos that earned Virginia pit bull enthusiast Robert Stevens a three-year prison sentence and the much gorier but explicitly negative treatment of dog fighting in the 2006 documentary Off the Chain, Katyal allowed that "the line will sometimes be difficult to draw."
To their surprise, the results revealed the opposite, with individuals with PTSD having very different physiological reactions than individuals experiencing distress (Griffin, Resick, & Yehuda, 2005; Neylan et al., 2005;Yehuda et al., 2005; Yehuda, Gorier, Halligan, Meaney, & Bierer, 2004).
The sequence continues for another full minute in this mode, becoming increasingly fluid in choreography as it becomes ever gorier in flying limbs, blood, and crumpling bodies.
THIS is one of the current crop of re-invented horror movies, where classic scare fests are dusted off and revived for the 21st century with gorier effects and bigger bangs.