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the gorge rises at it

One is disgusted or sickened by something. (The "gorge" is the stomach.) The phrase appears in Shakespeare's Hamlet. I could never be a doctor. Blood, vomit, open wounds—the gorge rises at it.
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feel one's gorge rise

Fig. to sense that one is getting very angry. I felt my gorge rise and I knew I was going to lose my temper. Bob could feel his gorge rise as he read his tax bill.
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gorge oneself on something

 and gorge oneself with something
to eat something to the point of fullness. Don't gorge yourself on the snacks. Dinner is in ten minutes. You have gorged yourself with cheese! No wonder you're not hungry. Claire gorged herself on the doughnuts that Fred bought.
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gorge someone or something with something

to fill someone or something by eating something. She gorged the dog with canned food. The puppy gorged itself with all the hamburger Paul had set out to thaw.
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make someone's gorge rise

Fig. to cause someone to become very angry. The unnecessary accident made my gorge rise. Getting his tax bill made Bob's gorge rise.
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cast the gorge at

reject with loathing. dated
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your gorge rises

you are sickened or disgusted.
Gorge is an obsolete term from falconry, meaning ‘a meal for a hawk’; from this derives the more general sense of ‘the contents of the stomach’.
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gorge on

To eat enthusiastically and in great amounts: He gorged on pizza. She gorged herself on junk food.
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gorge with

1. To embed something or someone with some object or decoration: The king's crown was gorged with diamonds.
2. To indulge something or someone, especially with food or drink: The hosts gorged the weary travelers with delicacies of every kind. The hotel guests were gorged with hospitality.
3. To eat enthusiastically and in great amounts. Used reflexively: They gorged themselves with ice cream.
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The receivers will then be sold to the Chinese market to customers including China Three Gorges New Energy Company.
8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2014, the Three Gorges Dam Corporation said in a statement, topping the 2013 production from the Brazilian-Paraguayan Itaipu dam.
Beijing, July 4 (Xinhua-ANI): The Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydropower project, started working at full capacity Wednesday as the last of its 32 turbine generators was put into operation.
The Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydroelectric power project, has started working at full capacity, with the last of its 32 large turbine generators entering operation, after record rainfall across many parts of China resulting in widespread flooding in several provinces.
MAURITIUS is pushing for the Black River Gorges to be recognised as a World Heritage Site (WHS) and has received Unesco's nod to nominate it on the list.
The offer was made by Chairman of China Three Gorges Project Corporation (CTGPC) Cao Guangjing, pioneer in Chinas hydro power project development, in a briefing at Aiwan-e-Sadr.
Exploring Wales' wooded gorges is increasing in popularity and the video by the Countryside Council for Wales highlights the natural wonders of gorges to help people appreciate the "Celtic rainforests" beforehand.
Probably one of Cornell's most difficult challenges has been the campus's historic gorges.
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Marlene and I had the opportunity to cruise down the Yangtze River through the area of the three gorges in September and, of course, to visit medical facilities in China.
7 billion to combat water pollution in the Three Gorges Reservoir and upper Yangtze River.
Mu Lan, the Chinese-language editor for the online nonprofit news service Three Gorges Probe, notes that the Yellow River carp, once an important staple for the people, "has become so rare that only high-ranking officials and rich businessmen can pay money to taste it.
Russian warplanes and artillery continued to target rebels hiding in dozens of villages between the Argun and Vedeno gorges, which cut south from Russian-occupied regions in the north to the few remaining rebel- controlled territories in the mountains.
Factfile: Staying there - Eurocamp (01565 626262) have several sites on or close to the River Ardeche and the gorges.
Distinguishing among the world's canyons, gorges, and valleys is no easy task.