gorge on (something)

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gorge on (something)

To eat something eagerly and usually to excess. A reflexive pronoun can be used between "gorge" and "on." I didn't mean to gorge myself on cake at the party—it was just so good! If the kids gorge on snacks now, they won't be hungry for dinner.
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gorge oneself on something

 and gorge oneself with something
to eat something to the point of fullness. Don't gorge yourself on the snacks. Dinner is in ten minutes. You have gorged yourself with cheese! No wonder you're not hungry. Claire gorged herself on the doughnuts that Fred bought.
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gorge on

To eat enthusiastically and in great amounts: He gorged on pizza. She gorged herself on junk food.
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ere's never been a better time to gorge yourself on some arm candy - it's calorie-free, after all.
Gorge yourself on: You can use all the butter and salad dressing you desire and prepare foods in any method, including frying.
Gorge yourself on: Everything sinful and delicious is on the menu - butter, cream, meat, and other fats are encouraged.
Do not gorge yourself on usury, doubling and redoubling, but remain conscious of God, that you may be successful" The Quraan Ch.3 Verse 130 "Those who gorge themselves on usury behave as he might behave, whom Satan has confounded with his touch.
That means a flight long enough to gorge yourself on all the free food and drink and still have time left to settle down for the in-flight meal and chocolate.
But that's not a license to gorge yourself on them.