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He was looking at the gorge on either side and sniffing uneasily, for there was a sweetish-sourish smell in the air, very like the smell of a big ant-hill on a hot day.
The length of the gorge on both siaes was hung as it were with black shimmery velvet curtains, and Mowgli sank as he looked, for those were the clotted millions of the sleeping bees.
For their analyses, Reusser and his colleagues collected quartz samples from the walls and channels of two gorges, each 10 to 20 meters deep: the 3-kilometer-long Mather Gorge on the Potomac River along the Maryland-Virginia border and the 5-km-long Holtwood Gorge along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.
PHOTO (1) Expedition members are dwarfed by a 100-foot waterfall in a hidden gorge on Tibet's Tsangpo River.
A grassy area above the gorge on the creek's west side serves as a quaint picnic area.
Inset, passing through Dragon Gate Gorge on a tour up a Yangtze tributary.