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But his commander ordered him to press forward anyway with the Goose Operational and Strategic Effectiveness Study (GOOSES).
They scientifically experimented with different sizes of pens and numbers of geese to ascertain the proper male/female ratio and the nature of a goose's concept of territoriality.
A goose costs about $25, finds its own food, doesn't need to be trained, and lives twenty-five to thirty years.
Twenty years ago the Royal Dutch Army embarked on a similar experiment with goose patrols.
High-end retailer Canada Goose came under fire by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after one of its suppliers was allegedly caught in ( new video footage crushing and suffocating geese in cramped, wire cages.
Many of the geese seemingly moved away from the workers, which allegedly resulted in at least one bird being crushed to death. The geese can then be seen being put into wire cages ahead of their trip to ( Schiltz Foods in South Dakota, the largest goose slaughterhouse in North America.
Canada Goose, reportedly valued at ( $2 billion , was accused by PETA of misleading the public regarding the source of its down.
"The animals and the treatment of them shown in PETA's recent video are not a part of the Canada Goose supply chain, as confirmed by our supplier, Feather Industries," Canada Goose said in a statement issued to International Business Times.
"Feather Industries and, by extension, Canada Goose, did not receive any feathers from animals portrayed in the video, directly or indirectly," Alex Pryde, a manager at Feather Industries, told IBT.
Of a name to describe more than one goose or moose?
In case you'd like to think about a moose or a goose,
BOFFINS behind the most detailed Irish wild goose chase in history fear most of the birds have been cooked.
Last week, the fate of a goose called Hugh was solved when his remains and pounds 3,000 tracking device was found in the den of a fox in Iceland.
The biggest surprise from the ground-breaking research into the epic 9,500 mile migration was the number of birds whose goose was cooked by humans.
Last year, when the tracker device for a goose called Kerry stopped moving in a remote arctic Canada, researchers searched the roosts in the area but there was no sign of the bird.