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be (as) green as a gooseberry

To be very young, immature, and/or inexperienced. Are you sure he's fit to run your campaign? He's just out of college and still as green as a gooseberry!
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green as a gooseberry

Very young, immature, and/or inexperienced. Are you sure he's fit to run your campaign? He's just out of college and still as green as a gooseberry!
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play gooseberry

To spend time with two people who are in a romantic relationship and cause an awkward tension as a result. As John and Betty started cuddling up in the cinema, I wished I had just gone home instead of playing gooseberry.
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play gooseberry

If you play gooseberry, you are in the company of two people who are having a romantic relationship and who want to be alone together. I left early — I didn't want to play gooseberry with you and Bev. Note: The origin of this expression is not known, although it may refer to the third person picking gooseberries to pass the time while the other two are busy being romantic.
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play gooseberry

be a third person who stays in the company of two people, especially lovers, who would prefer to be on their own.
Gooseberry is short for the earlier gooseberry-picker , referring to an activity as a pretext for lovers to be together.
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play ˈgooseberry

(British English) be a third person with two people who have a romantic relationship and want to be alone together: Dave and Michelle invited me to go out with them but I don’t want to play gooseberry all evening.
See also: gooseberry, play
References in classic literature ?
Just before that, Gooseberry had noticed the mechanic among the people at the bar.
But I am as much puzzled to account for his sudden assumption of drunkenness as Gooseberry himself."
In a quarter of an hour more, the cab stopped in Shore Lane, and Gooseberry opened the door for us to get out.
"And Murder!" added Gooseberry, pointing, with a keener relish still, to the man on the bed.
The first sight that met my eyes, at the other end of the room, was the irrepressible Gooseberry, perched on a chair, and looking with breathless interest, over the heads of his elders, at the Sergeant's proceedings.
"He's pulling off his wig!" whispered Gooseberry, compassionating my position, as the only person in the room who could see nothing.
It's smooth yet has a lime flavoured crispness with hints of gooseberry.
WHEN 73-year-old Bryan Nellist grew the biggest gooseberry ever recorded, last year, his feat became the latest footnote in a long tradition of passionate British berry growing.
Westminster, MD, June 05, 2010 --( Naturopathic doctor (natural medicine) Debra Baginski N.D., owner of Gooseberry Natural Feed, developed a patent pending nutritional line of feed to encourage equine owners to help their horses live up to their potential by using Gooseberry Natural Feed product line.
Champteloup Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2007 pounds 4.99 - Waitrose Sauvignon blanc and the Loire has to be a marriage made in heaven as illustrated by the grassy, lemon and gooseberry flavours on display here.
There are two types of gooseberry: culinary, which is ideal for cooking but too sharp to eat raw; and dessert, which is sweeter and can be eaten.
For a Gooseberry and Elderflower Fool for four, take: 500g (1lb) gooseberries, 100g (4oz) caster sugar, two strips pared lemon zest, two heads elderflower (optional), 3tbsp elderflower cordial, 142ml (5 fl oz) pot of double cream, 150ml (5 fl oz) freshly ready made custard.
When you first bite into a gooseberry, the tartness of the skin is balanced by the burst of sweet nectar from the flesh of the fruit.
England was known for its gooseberry recipes during Colonial days, including the classic dessert, Gooseberry Fool, which consists of cooked and pureed fruit folded into whipped cream.
Give gooseberries 2ozs sulphate of potash per bush and spray against American gooseberry mildew as flowers open.