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be (as) green as a gooseberry

To be very young, immature, and/or inexperienced. Are you sure he's fit to run your campaign? He's just out of college and still as green as a gooseberry!
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green as a gooseberry

Very young, immature, and/or inexperienced. Are you sure he's fit to run your campaign? He's just out of college and still as green as a gooseberry!
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play gooseberry

To spend time with two people who are in a romantic relationship and cause an awkward tension as a result. As John and Betty started cuddling up in the cinema, I wished I had just gone home instead of playing gooseberry.
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play gooseberry

If you play gooseberry, you are in the company of two people who are having a romantic relationship and who want to be alone together. I left early — I didn't want to play gooseberry with you and Bev. Note: The origin of this expression is not known, although it may refer to the third person picking gooseberries to pass the time while the other two are busy being romantic.
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play gooseberry

be a third person who stays in the company of two people, especially lovers, who would prefer to be on their own.
Gooseberry is short for the earlier gooseberry-picker , referring to an activity as a pretext for lovers to be together.
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play ˈgooseberry

(British English) be a third person with two people who have a romantic relationship and want to be alone together: Dave and Michelle invited me to go out with them but I don’t want to play gooseberry all evening.
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whispered Gooseberry, compassionating my position, as the only person in the room who could see nothing.
COLOUR YOUR PLOT Various colours of gooseberry are available, including the bright red, aromatic 'Crispa Nibbling', the new 'Crispa Darling' and the yellow equivalent 'Crispa Goldling', which all claim better tolerance against mildew.
If you are training your gooseberry as a cordon shape, pinch out the tips of lateral shoots at about five leaves.
One day you can have a great gooseberry plant, the next it looks like a box of matches - all the leaves eaten, a sorry state.
At one time, gooseberry bushes were a common sight in the garden and orchard, until an imported disease struck, of all things, the lumber industry.
GOOSEBERRY COOL: We've been taking cuttings of our favourite gooseberry.
A SEASONAL favourite of mine, and one Real Meals makes at this time of year, is pork and gooseberry pie.
They also offer Invicta Green gooseberries at the start of the season followed by Red Martlet - a sweeter dessert gooseberry.
It's been 20 years since Cynthia Rylant's beloved middle grade novel Gooseberry Park introduced the world to Stumpy the squirrel and her quirky, clever, community-minded friends.
com)-- Gooseberry Planet is pleased to announce the release of an app which provides internet safety for kids from ages 9 to 14.
Rowman & Littlefield has bought the Columbus, Ohio-based publisher renowned for its family-friendly cookbooks, Gooseberry Patch's assets.
Propagate new gooseberry bushes by taking hardwood cuttings from healthy plants before their leaves drop.
GOOSEBERRY FOOL - Part of original recipe from The Compleat Cook (1658) TAKE your Gooseberries, and put them in a Silver or Earthen Pot, and set it in a Skillet of boyling Water, and when they are coddled enough strain them.
Gooseberry Patch Stitching for the Kitchen offers a set of stitching projects teaching how to stitch aprons, casserole covers, tea cozies, hot pads and napkins, and is a fine pick for any looking to blend gift-giving stitching projects with kitchen-specific, useful items.