goose bumps

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*goose bumps

 and *goose pimples
Fig. a prickly feeling related to having bumps on one's skin due to fear, excitement, or cold. (*Typically: get ~ have ~ give someone ∼.) When I hear that old song, I get goose bumps. I never have goose pimples, but my teeth chatter when it's cold.
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I remember playing a show I secretly loathed, The Phantom of the Opera, and every time we came to those darn particular spots, bing, there went the goose bumps again
I get goose bumps every time I think about stepping out at Old Trafford again, as does walking out on the pitch.
We're not afraid of goose bumps," cried Maxwell, who wasn't afraid of anything.
Not long into the morning, I heard static on my radio and when my son told me the news, the goose bumps hit me again.
Sometimes you get goose bumps when you are frightened.
If you've ever seen a cat with its fur puffed up, you've seen what goose bumps can do.
Smith said the study had some surprising conclusions including that there were "very few cases of goose bumps coming from one's own actions".
Colletto, shaking his knees for effect, said playing at Notre Dame Stadium gave him goose bumps.
The three blood-soaked offerings, along with imaginative, haunting artwork, will leave you in a fashionable coat of goose bumps and shivers.
Hitch cock's castings are so faithful to the original individual that bulging biceps, taut nipples, and swelling phalluses are perfectly replicated alongside goose bumps, finger prints, and veins.
Stories should be 300 to 1,200 words in length and make the reader laugh, cry, or get goose bumps.
If you get goose bumps from the cold, listen to your body.
However, since the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet don't have any hair, they don't make goose bumps.
As they ran and ran and ran, the kids' goose feathers kept them nice and toasty warm (that's why goose down is so great for comforters and blankets, after all), and soon their goose bumps went away and they started turning back into children.
But what's amazing, and this still gives me goose bumps, is with our new Consumer Products Division, I can now offer select Canadian marketers the opportunity to put their products on the shelves of thousands of U.