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"Still in its early growth phases globally, Canada Goose has less exposure currently to demand from the Chinese consumer than most luxury goods brands," he wrote in a note.
The goose was taken to a wildlife rehabber in Poultney who says it may have a broken pelvis, but they expect it will survive.
If ever there were a purpose-built field gun, the M930 Snow Goose with a 28" ventilated rib barrel is it.
Many geese breeds have voracious appetites and spend much of their time grazing freely as grass provides the goose with the majority of its diet and nutrition.
It takes one-and-a-half days to prepare roast goose, chef Billy told a group of media people during lunch.
The result: an uncommonly smooth and balanced vodka, though Grey Goose was likely a hit for additional reasons.
Eventually, however, the goose seemed to realise it needed to get out of the way, so tried to fly out of the stadium.
A Facebook post is now being shared around the area asking people to turn out on Sunday to "support the lonely goose".
The other purpose for this hunt was to field test some new duck and goose calls from Mountain Screamer Game Calls.
In recent years, the giant Canada goose has experienced population explosions in areas throughout North America due, in part, to the success of wildlife management programs and the adaptability of these birds.
I often hear a mature goose honking wildly to younger ones when the finely chiseled rowers approach and encroach on that part of the river where the geese are leisurely sidling.
This, however, does not apply for the majority of goose populations breeding or wintering in western Europe, which have increased considerably in numbers during recent decades (Madsen et al.
We once hunted geese with black flags on stakes, tires cut in half with wooden heads, and silhouette cutouts painted in Canada goose colors.
Few things are as iconic as a Christmas goose, but when it comes to translating that beloved holiday tradition into the wild world, many hunters throw up their hands and give up.
THE UPSIDE TO early goose season is, well, we get to hunt early.