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Pink-footed geese and greylag geese were the only goose species observed in the study area, although a few single individuals of Canada geese Branta canadensis may be seen in some years (Jensen et al.
There's one other goose out there: the much-maligned snow.
A proper goose dog should have a dense, thick, slightly oily coat.
My goose tries to escape my grip, honking and struggling mightily to no avail.
A goose has a weird, elongated shape, all breast and no wings rather than all mouth and no trousers, like Charley Tevez.
Brindisi pointed out that egg oiling has not only been able to reduce the goose population, but it has also stabilized and slowed future population growth, which they consider key.
The Schiltz Farm hickory chip smoked whole Goose is available exclusively through the Schiltz Farm website: www.
In the communist era goose fights in the Nijni Novgorod was nearly been forgotten.
WHAT Judy Goodman doesn't know about the goose ain't worth knowing,'' Jamie Oliver once said.
Eugene is trying to reduce the goose population in Alton Baker Park.
If the success rate of coyotes was as low as that of the average goose "shooter," the only coyotes alive would be those eating suburban garbage.
The only problem he had ever experienced with them was the occasional misfortune of stepping on goose droppings.
Fox, on a fine summer day, saw a molting goose nesting and eating bv a lake, all her feathers gone.