goo-goo eyes

A visibly smitten or enamored facial expression, as of one who is romantically interested in someone else. Well, if you keep staring at her with goo-goo eyes, she'll know you like her sooner than later!
See also: eye

make goo-goo eyes at (someone)

To look at someone with an enamored or flirtatious expression. Often said of two people who romantically interested in each other. Those two have been making goo-goo eyes at each other all night—it's so nauseating for those of us who are single. Well, if you keep making goo-goo eyes at her, she'll know you like her sooner than later!
See also: eye, make
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goo-goo eyes

(ˈgugu ˈɑɪz)
n. flirtatious eyes. (Often with make.) Who’s the chick over there with the goo-goo eyes?
See also: eye
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So just imagine how you would feel if your colleagues were busy changing nappies at the desk and making googoo noises at a gurgling tot while you were trying to get on with your work.
Our state enthusiastically supported Ginna in her ANA presidential campaigns, giving away GooGoo clusters to the other ANA delegates.
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(8) "White people are taking over lands in this place from us," Peter Googoo, a Mi'kmaw chief from Whycocomagh, wrote in 1855, "we fear we will be driven away from our lands and do not know where to go." (9)
Mi'Kmaq Chief Sandy Googoo welcomed the delegates from the United States, Canada, and Norway, to Cape Breton Island (Unama'ki) the traditional hunting grounds of the Unama'ki Mi'Kmaq bands and reminded delegates of our collective responsibility to manage moose for the species itself and for the enjoyment and use of our children and future generations.
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