goof up

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goof up

1. To bungle something or make a mistake. Boy, I really goofed up that math problem. How did I get a negative number as my answer?
2. To cause someone to bungle something or make a mistake. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "goof" and "up." There was a mistake in her notes that really goofed me up and caused me to get a negative number as my answer.
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goof someone or something up

Inf. to mess someone or something up; to ruin someone's plans; to make something nonfunctional. Who goofed this machine up? Who goofed up the machine?
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goof up (on something)

Inf. to make an error with something; to blunder while doing something. Please don't goof up on this job. If you goof up one more time, you're finished.
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goof up

Blunder, make a mistake, spoil. For example, I really goofed up and got all the dates wrong. This expression emerged in the military during World War II, along with the synonymous goof off. Quite often up is omitted, as in Sorry, I goofed. [Slang; c. 1940]
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goof up

1. To make a mistake, especially out of confusion or ignorance: You really goofed up by not telling your parents you were leaving. I didn't follow the instructions for the job carefully, so I goofed up.
2. To cause someone or something to blunder: The directions to the park were confusing and they goofed me up. You're not alone in getting lost; that fork in the road goofs up everybody.
3. To perform something badly; blunder in executing something: You really goofed up the spelling section of the test. The band didn't rehearse enough before the concert and really goofed the march up.
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goof something up

tv. to mess something up. I hope I don’t goof up the report again.
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goof up

See goof
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goofed (up)

1. mod. messed up; out of order. All my papers are goofed up.
2. mod. confused; distraught. I was up too late last night, and now I’m all goofed up.
3. mod. high on drugs. Bob’s a little goofed up after partying too much.
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Brown water from the taps, toilets that don't work, dangerous slopes, fractured shoulders from unprepared runs, jammed doors, broken knobs, notices requesting toilet paper be thrown in the bin not flushed, falling light fixtures, a string of firecracker goof ups formed a social media stampede started by an unknown Canadian journalism student Alex Broad who has got more publicity than any of the medal winners.
The site allows the user to revisit all the important events, personalities, goof ups, celebrations and hits & misses of 2010, but with a comic twist.
If it was not your foreign policy, it is your goof ups that made the headlines.
There have been some high-profile goof ups recently that can be blamed on investigators relying too heavily on science.
New York, December 10 ( ANI ): The list of the biggest goof ups in films of 2013 has been revealed.
DOCTORS' miscommunication with nurses, patients and their families often becomes a source of goof ups.