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1. noun Someone who exclusively follows the rules and caters to authority figures; a teacher's pet. Jill's classmates called her a goody-goody after she volunteered to supervise the class while the teacher was away.
2. adjective Self-righteous or sanctimonious. Forget your goody-goody rules and go out on a school night for once!
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a ˈgoody-goody


a goody ˈtwo-shoes

(informal, disapproving) a person who behaves very well to please people in authority such as parents or teachers: Don’t be such a goody-goody!He’s a real goody two-shoes. He’d never do anything that might get him into trouble.
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As debuts go, this was a little simplistic in terms of the goody-goody nature of the newcomer who has to fight for a fair hearing from the outset and comes up trumps on his first try.
Huang salts the goody-goody material with dry wit, often undercutting a scene with a humorous jibe or bawdy joke.
It's not a goody-goody, tweet-tweet, angel spirituality at all, because in the life that we lead, everything is part of it--the obstacles, the disappointments, the dark side.
Broadway comedy by Andrew Bergman focuses on a married couple whose domestic tranquillity is shattered by the arrival of the wife's goody-goody sister, the sister's uptight husband, and their Jewish mother.
What he did not realise was that there were people who simply did not like him and saw him as a chapel goody-goody, a representative of a way of life that they had either never known, or were simply glad to be done with; but worst of all to them was his unclubbability, his aristocratic capacity for boredom.
Until now she has maintained a goody-goody girl image in Hollywood, but in this movie she swears, cracks dirty jokes and tries to blackmail her colleague into sleeping with her.
The Arsenal academics have often presented a goody-goody image that has been easy to overcome.
Words such as really-really, very-very, much much, too-too, awfully-awfully, dark-dark, beautiful-beautiful, horrible-horrible, wonderful-wonderful, enormous-enormous, slowly-slowly, goody-goody, quietly-quietly, et cetera (hardly English).
Inquisitive Jared hits things when he gets angry, while goody-goody Simon declares, "I don't do conflict".
Despite being portrayed as being 'goody-goody' chalk to Charlotte's bad girl cheese, the Neath beauty - who performs today at the Millennium Stadium - says: 'Everyone thinks we're arch enemies, and I don't know where this comes from, but we're really good friends now.
But their good work is undone by the show's "So what?" premise and some appalling "supporting" characters, including the goody-goody young parents who live down the road and a colleague of Gary's who seems to think he's Mick Jagger.
And that's just Katy Bartrop, who doubles her angelic goody-goody Narrator with a foxy weasel.
He's ditched the goody-goody image to play a ruthless hitman with five contracts to carry out in one night.
Nice guys portrayed in the best possible light, like goody-goody Derek on EastEnders.
The young Scots who feature make the so-called delinquents of Cockney chef Jamie Oliver's Kitchen staff look like the goody-goody Olsen Twins.