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1. noun Someone who exclusively follows the rules and caters to authority figures; a teacher's pet. Jill's classmates called her a goody-goody after she volunteered to supervise the class while the teacher was away.
2. adjective Self-righteous or sanctimonious. Forget your goody-goody rules and go out on a school night for once!
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a ˈgoody-goody


a goody ˈtwo-shoes

(informal, disapproving) a person who behaves very well to please people in authority such as parents or teachers: Don’t be such a goody-goody!He’s a real goody two-shoes. He’d never do anything that might get him into trouble.
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Perhaps Mr Scurlock thinks only Ukip are a bad apple and all the rest are goody goodies. You need to wake up, Mr Scurlock, there are a lot worse out there than Ukip.
Since then the goody goodies have prevented the courts from imposing proper punishments for vile treatment of harmless animal life.
The reason is we tell the brutal truth, which is not what the goody goodies want to hear.
WHEN I received an invitation to contribute an article on `A Century Of Liverpool Lawyers' I duly complied with the request - although the goody goodies of the Liverpool Law Society have rarely, I regret, warmed to me or I to them.