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All other things hang upon the soul, and the things of the soul herself hang upon wisdom, if they are to be good; and so wisdom is inferred to be that which profits--and virtue, as we say, is profitable?
SOCRATES: But if this is true, then the good are not by nature good?
SOCRATES: But if the good are not by nature good, are they made good by instruction?
Little John, it must be confessed, did not make a good servant.
"Good Sir Steward," said Little John, "give me to dine, for it is long for Greenleaf to be fasting."
Placing these down on a convenient shelf he fell to with right good will.
And so, you and Homer and Simonides are agreed that justice is an art of theft; to be practised however `for the good of friends and for the harm of enemies,'--that was what you were saying?
Surely, he said, a man may be expected to love those whom he thinks good, and to hate those whom he thinks evil.
Good had a knife, at the back of which was one of those hooks that are made to extract stones from horses' hoofs.
Taking the hook again, Good scratched all round the crack where we felt the air coming up.
He cared nothing about good horses or good driving; he only cared for going fast.
She was often used in the phaeton, and was very much liked by some of the ladies, because she was so gentle; and some time after this she was sold to two ladies who drove themselves, and wanted a safe, good horse.
Then Robin took his good yew bow in his hand, and placing the tip at his instep, he strung it right deftly; then he nocked a broad clothyard arrow and, raising the bow, drew the gray goose feather to his ear; the next moment the bowstring rang and the arrow sped down the glade as a sparrowhawk skims in a northern wind.
"Ha!" cried Robin, "how likest thou that shot, good fellow?
Good sleep they sought for themselves, and poppy-head virtues to promote it!