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Indicating a farewell at night, as when leaving or going to bed. Always used before nouns. I gave my daughter a goodnight kiss and tucked her into bed. It was only our very first date, so we ended on a goodnight hug.

goodnight Irene

A phrase used to show one's shock or dismay. "Goodnight Irene" is the title of a 1930s folk song by Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter. Primarily heard in US. Well, goodnight Irene—I never expected so many people to come to a party for me! Goodnight Irene—that was the last of our money, and we're close to running out of gas.
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goodnight Vienna

slang Primarily heard in UK.
1. It's all over; nothing else can be done to help. You'd better be careful with that stuff. You get it near a spark or an open flame, and it's goodnight Vienna for you. We need sales to pick up immediately, or it will be goodnight Vienna before long.
2. Let's get out of here; it's time to leave this place. This party is dreadful. If things don't start to pick up soon, it's goodnight Vienna.
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