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THE difference between a good trip and a truly extraordinary one often lies in the skill, experience and understanding of your tour operator.
It was a good trip and a lot of positives will come from it.
Good Trip (blue) and Kevin Stott beat |West Drive and Jack Mitchell at Nottingham earlier this month
It's a little bit of a dampener on a very good trip.
Saudi Charge d'Affaires Jasim bin Mohammed Al-Khaldi wished, in a press statement, the pilgrims good trip to the holy sites and similar coming back home at the end, praying Allah Almighty to accept their Hajj.
Doyle enjoys Good Trip James Doyle had one ride on the card and never needed to break sweat to steer Godolphin's odds-on Good Trip to an easy 11-length win in the 7f novice event.
It was a good trip, a chance for the lads to get together, and we feel in good shape.
Five days before "devil's protest action", the man peacefully stood outside the Embassy with a bouquet of flowers waving goodbye and wishing a good trip for the Embassy staff.
We wish it a good trip, and best of luck in nearby Connecticut.
The postcard reads in part, "Dear Pauline and Theresa, We arrived safe, had a good trip, but we were good and tired.
An excerpt from the postcard reads, "Dear Pauline and Theresa, We arrived safe, had a good trip, but we were good and tired.
These supersavers are specially made to satisfy tourist in their cravings for a good trip around Davao City and Samal Island.
Crowley said of the winner Ile De Re: "He was being a bit fractious at the start but I managed to get a good position after a furlong and we got a good trip all the way round.
She'll ask him if it was a good trip and he'll say yes, fine.
Asked if he was satisfied with the talks, Nackaerts, who headed the six-member IAEA mission, said "Yeah, we had a good trip.