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They've had good press on the back of that but we're hungry to make it three from three.
The problem is there are only three or four good press officers in the Premier League and the rest of them are taught to say no to everything.
We have good momentum at home right now, the team is confident, we are playing aggressively with a good press, good tempo and good quality.
Existing fast casual restaurant is a unique and marketable franchise type concept with good press and reviews.
So happy, I decided I'd give it a good press to really make it look professional.
AIF you really want to go somewhere exotic, Costa Rica has been getting a lot of good press lately.
While Dianne's Al Sharpton-like race-baiting and fear-mongering -- invoking images of angry, white-hooded, torch-carrying, cross-burning mobs chasing innocent black children out of town -- may make for good press and sell newspapers, that hardly represents the town of North Brookfield.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding reportedly also shed some limelight on his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and reports claim the media attention is also good press for the actress.
Care home manager Denise Torbet said: "We do a fantastic job caring for elderly residents, but don't always get a good press.
Over 100,000 merchant vessels carry 90% of the world's trade, yet the shipping sector rarely gets good press.
Emma Sorensen, who has worked on the “other side” of the fence as a journalist, says that a good press release needs a strong, newsworthy angle, it should be well researched, and its distribution to media outlets (old and new) has to be pinpointed and well-pitched for maximum effect.
Though police stood by while male observers heckled and at times attacked, Paul's march was a success, garnering good press and galvanizing the movement.
Some of the momentum came from more good press, specifically for Gannett: the company got a good note from UBS analyst John Janedis on Wednesday, when he apparently got an early look at a presentation the McLean, Va.
CRISTIANO RONALDO struggles for a good press these days and complaints that he's not happy have only given his critics even more ammunition to fire at him.
The NHS does not get enough good press so I hope you will print this letter which is written with sincerity.