good many

(a) good many

quite a few. I have a good many kinfolk in Texas. Mary owns a good many acres of land.
See also: good, many

a good/great many

very many; a lot: A good many people think she’s right.There are a great many places in the world I’d like to visit.
See also: good, great, many
References in classic literature ?
That was why I determined not to try anything in London, for a good many years at least.
There probably were a good many happy little girls in and about the city that day, but it is my private opinion that Amy was the happiest of all, when she sat in her mother's lap and told her trials, receiving consolation and compensation in the shape of approving smiles and fond caresses.
There are a good many hard times in this life of ours, but we can always bear them if we ask help in the right way.
A good many give straight traditional loans while others only offer financing in exchange for equity in a project.
However, a good many of these lenders do charge higher interest rates and points than would be charged by a traditional banking source.