good for (someone or something)

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good for (someone or something)

1. Having a positive effect on someone or something. More sunlight will be good for your drooping plants.
2. Able to pay a debt owed. I'm good for the money, don't worry. I'll get it to you first thing tomorrow.
3. Able to work or function. I know it's a used car, but I think it's good for a few more years.
4. Valid or in effect. How long is this warranty good for? Is this coupon really good for 50% off our total purchase?
5. An expression of approval or support of someone for something they have done or accomplished. I heard you got the promotion—good for you! Good for him, getting an A in that difficult class.
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Good for you!

a complimentary expression of encouragement for something that someone has done or received. Sue: I just got a raise. Bill: Good for you! Jane: I really told him what I thought of his rotten behavior. Sue: Good for you! He needs it.
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good for

1. Beneficial to, as in Milk is good for children. [Tenth century a.d.]
2. Financially reliable, able to pay or repay, as in They know he's good for a big tip. [Mid-1800s]
3. Able to serve or continue to function, as in This furniture's good for at least ten more years, or I hope you're not tired-I'm good for another three miles or so. [Mid-1800s]
4. Equivalent in value; also, valid for. For example, These coupons are good for a 20 percent discount, or This contract is good for the entire life of the book. [Second half of 1800s]
5. good for someone. An expression of approval, as in Good for Bill-he's sold the car, or Good for you! You passed the exam. This usage differs from the others in that orally a slight emphasis is placed on you or whoever is being mentioned. [Mid-1800s]
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be ˈgood for something

1 be likely to be able to give or provide something: I’ll ask my aunt if she can help us. She’ll be good for a small loan, I’m sure.
2 be likely to live, last, etc. for a period of time: This car’s probably good for another 20 000 miles.
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ˌgood for ˈyou, ˈhim, etc.

(especially AustralE good ˈon you, him, etc.) (informal) used to praise somebody for doing something well: ‘I’ve decided to give up smoking as from tomorrow.’ ‘Good for you, Philip.’‘He’s saving up his pocket money to buy a football.’ ‘Good for him.’
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Hopefully, those who purport to know what is good for us are also worldly wise enough to know that crawling back to Brussels would gain us neither respect nor influence.
We don't want to say we are there but it is starting to look very good for us and we can start to breathe a big sigh of relief," said Ellis, from Bolster Moor.
Prince has lots of experience, which would be good for us as we have a young squad.
I don't think it would be good for us to sacrifice a player to man-mark Messi," he said.
Brookes said: "Brands Hatch was good for us apart from the obvious crashes, but now we are ready for Oulton Park.
The facilities are really good, the weather will be warm as well and a lot of teams in the Barclays Premier League go to the US now for pre-season, so it will be good for us.
It's very good for us, it was another clean sheet and we're going in the right direction.
It's not our best moment; one victory in seven is not good for us," he admitted.
This was the halfway point in the season and we're top so that's good for us.
We are tempted to eat and to drink more than is good for us.
To finish fourth would be good for us," said Calvin Chitwood, whose two free throws with 26 seconds left gave Northridge a four-point lead.
These mid-terms were as good for us as a presidential year with the anticipation of change in control of Congress.
Anything that is not good for us, we should have to pay extra for.
Your criteria seemed to be a rather narrow list of what's good for us.
If we can take the scraps that were first given to us by the slave master and make those scraps taste so good that some church folk would fight the preacher before giving them up, we can certainly take foods that are truly good for us and make them taste even better," Butts writes.