good for (someone or something)

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good for (someone or something)

1. Having a positive effect on someone or something. More sunlight will be good for your drooping plants.
2. Able to pay a debt owed. I'm good for the money, don't worry. I'll get it to you first thing tomorrow.
3. Able to work or function. I know it's a used car, but I think it's good for a few more years.
4. Valid or in effect. How long is this warranty good for? Is this coupon really good for 50% off our total purchase?
5. An expression of approval or support of someone for something they have done or accomplished. I heard you got the promotion—good for you! Good for him, getting an A in that difficult class.
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Good for you!

a complimentary expression of encouragement for something that someone has done or received. Sue: I just got a raise. Bill: Good for you! Jane: I really told him what I thought of his rotten behavior. Sue: Good for you! He needs it.
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good for

1. Beneficial to, as in Milk is good for children. [Tenth century a.d.]
2. Financially reliable, able to pay or repay, as in They know he's good for a big tip. [Mid-1800s]
3. Able to serve or continue to function, as in This furniture's good for at least ten more years, or I hope you're not tired-I'm good for another three miles or so. [Mid-1800s]
4. Equivalent in value; also, valid for. For example, These coupons are good for a 20 percent discount, or This contract is good for the entire life of the book. [Second half of 1800s]
5. good for someone. An expression of approval, as in Good for Bill-he's sold the car, or Good for you! You passed the exam. This usage differs from the others in that orally a slight emphasis is placed on you or whoever is being mentioned. [Mid-1800s]
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be ˈgood for something

1 be likely to be able to give or provide something: I’ll ask my aunt if she can help us. She’ll be good for a small loan, I’m sure.
2 be likely to live, last, etc. for a period of time: This car’s probably good for another 20 000 miles.
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ˌgood for ˈyou, ˈhim, etc.

(especially AustralE good ˈon you, him, etc.) (informal) used to praise somebody for doing something well: ‘I’ve decided to give up smoking as from tomorrow.’ ‘Good for you, Philip.’‘He’s saving up his pocket money to buy a football.’ ‘Good for him.’
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References in classic literature ?
It was good for one to be sure of that when, in an open roadstead, one heard in the cabin the wind pipe up; but still, there were moments when I detested Mr.
Scrumming about to find a new ground With a mighty sting in their tale The Wasps have touched down Premiership Rugby an oval ball Can only be good for one and all Black and yellow or Sky Blue shirt Stung by many lots have been hurt The posts are up and ready to try Come on you Wasps goes up the cry They drew a line out on the pitch Up and over without any hitch Ricoh's buzzing to a new sound Penalty kicks and a scrum down Ricoh Arena or Land Rover Stadium?
The liquid krill oil is sold retail in 120 ml (4 oz.) bottles; good for one month supply.
Living in a happy family is good for one's health, longevity and success--and SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES goes beyond health concerns to offer tips for families who wish to create such an atmosphere.
"I don't want to write a song that is good for one person and have to shoehorn the others into it."
You might write: Good for One Hug; Good for One Back Rub; or Good for One Song.
I am quite happy about this, as a brisk 30-minute walk each day is good for one's health.
Americans are dubious about the health benefits from regular drinking, as little more than one in five thinks drinking in moderation daily is good for one's health.
I know my friends feel the same as I do but I am the only one honest enough to admit that women are only good for one thing - sex.
until he shall have obtained a license from the judge of the district court, which license shall be good for one year only." (A license could cost $100 or more.)
Union State Bank offers both regular and Gold Visa and MasterCards with a special low annual percentage rate that is good for one full year after the account is opened on new purchases and balance transfers.
Most of the spots are in office parks and other "suburban" institutions, and many of these spots are only good for one trick or so.
Meanwhile, 12 out of 15 believed that the merger was good for one or both of the carriers, however all noted the complexity and many hurdles that the deal faced according to Reuters.
Buy a set number of sessions, arrange for prepaid "relaxation reminders" sent throughout the year, or give out "good for one free massage" certificates with yourself as the hands-on healer.