Good enough

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Good enough.

That's good.; That's adequate. Bill: Well, now. How's that? Bob: Good enough. Bob: I'll be there about noon. Tom: Good enough. I'll see you then.
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Sure the sending off did not help, but we were simply not good enough even before that.
He said: "We know we're not good enough to simply turn up and win any given game.
What to Do When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough: The Real Deal on Perfectionism is a guide written especially for young people, preteens and teenagers about what perfectionism is and learning how to deal with it.
If it's good enough for them," she asks, "Why isn't it good enough for every American?
Good enough school psychologists and teachers need to be able to handle their students' acting out behavior and to create classroom atmospheres where other students are not overwhelmed by a child's acting out.
I think our receiving corps is definitely good enough to make the big plays downfield and our quarterback is good enough to put the ball out there, too.
These scrolls were good enough for Noah, good enough for Moses, and good enough for Alexander the Great.
Most politicians and social leaders proclaim that we are not good enough for rights and equality; however, we are good enough to care for them during times of illness, plan their financial futures, defend them against legal aggression, protect them on the streets, and so forth.
Ed Kangas, our recently retired Chairman of the Board, says it well: "Good enough is simply not good enough.
School standards in English and maths have improved in recent years but are "not good enough yet", he said.
Louis replied, "If it's good enough for Rockefeller, it's good enough for Rudinsky.
In 2003, after the Good Enough Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS) decision by Army leaders, Program Executive Office Command, Control, and Communications Tactical initiated a concerted battle command integration effort.
But when the state decided to go ahead with the program, it said, 'if you just follow Tommy Thompson's rules, that's good enough' Residents came to us saying that no, that wasn't going to be good enough.