good egg

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good egg

Someone who is known to be trustworthy and kind. Joey's a good egg. He always makes time to help others in need.
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(a) good egg

Fig. a good and dependable person. He seems like a good egg. I'll take a chance on him.
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good egg, a

Also, a good scout. An amiable, basically nice person. For example, You can always count on her to help; she's a good egg, or His friends all think Dad's really a good scout. This colloquial antonym of bad egg dates from the early 1900s, as did the variant.
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a good egg

If you describe someone as a good egg, you mean that they are a kind and reliable person. Her father's a bit bad-tempered, but basically a good egg.
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good egg

An agreeable, helpful person. The phrase applied to someone of value in terms of utility, the opposite of a no-good rotten egg. It was most often heard in such requests as “Be a good egg and mail this letter for me” or “Pour me another whisky, like a good egg.”
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Compassion in World Farming has awarded Gateshead Council its Good Egg Award to commend them on only buying free-range eggs.
Riverford on Home Farm, near Newby Wiske, was awarded the Good Chicken, Good Egg, Good Dairy and Good Pig titles in recognition of its commitment to farm animal welfare.
Simon is supporting The One Brand, a range of everyday essential products which are sold via major retailers across the UK and internationally, to fund aid projects across rural communities in Africa 1 INGREDIENTS 1 x One Clever Loaf (white bread), 75g butter, 6 One Good Egg yolks, 2 whole One Good Egg, 150g sugar, Vanilla pod, 250ml full fat milk, 250ml double cream, 100ml strong earl grey tea, 25g each sultanas and raisins, 100g prunes, soaked in brandy, demarera sugar for layers, 100ml double cream, 100g soft dark brown sugar, 100g butter 2 METHOD Whisk the eggs and sugar.
A WELSH university has been awarded a Good Egg Award by Compassion in World Farming.
Love Your Garden ITV1, 8pm All-round good egg Alan Titchmarsh has called up on some of his fellow green-fingered friends and will be trawling the country in search of our most beautiful domestic gardens-and showing amateurs how easy it is to recreate the look.
I WAS amused at Susan Lee (ECHO, August 13) saying in her "parenting skills cannot be taught" column, that Frank Fields is like marmite - a good egg and a maverick.
Indefatigable networker and all-round good egg Neil Pountney (inset) has never been a man afraid of a gadget.
AS Gordon Brown kicks his heels waiting to take the top job at No 10 he's decided to up his profile and show us what an all-round good egg he is by trying to ensure that every child in the world goes to school.
Katie H is rather surprised because she expected to be hated more but now gets cheers and people (while hating themselves) admitting that she seems like a good egg.
The event, being held in support of the Good Egg campaign, will take place tomorrow between 10am and 3pm at the Tesco supermarket, North Burns, Chester-le-Street.
RICHARD Slade, owner and operator of Battlesteads pub, hotel and restaurant in Wark, Northumberland, has been presented with the esteemed Good Egg Award by the Considerate Hoteliers Association.