good die young

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only the good die young

A phrase typically used as a source of comfort after someone has died at a young age. I know that only the good die young, but I'm still heartbroken to have lost my best friend—she was just 20 years old and had her whole life ahead of her! He was just the kindest person, and only the good die young.
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(The) good die young.

Prov. Good people tend to die at an early age. Marshall's twenty-year-old son died in a car crash; it did not comfort Marshall to think that the good die young. Jill: It doesn't seem fair that Laurie is dead. She was such a wonderful person. Jane: They always say that the good die young.
See also: die, good, young
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The good die young because there is no useful work for them to do.
He was the first graffiti artist to create a conceptual collection on canvas and revolutionised portraiture in popular culture globally with his The Good Die Young collection in 2002.
As the internment rites were done, I told my friends that next time someone tells you that only the good die young.
UGO EHIOGU'S death at the age of 44 prompted tributes from all over the football world as former team-mate Paul Merson broke down in tears and said "only the good die young ".
Billy Joel sings that song Only The Good Die Young, and that is him," he said.
Lawrence's hit singles include "Paint Me A Birmingham," "Time Marches On," "Alibis," "Find Out Who Your Friends Are," "Can't Break It To My Heart," "If the Good Die Young," and "My Second Home.
They're out of their minds How come Hogwarts isn't real Swear I'm at the wrong school I can't stop relapsing Stagnation cripples I find you desirable Slide in if you're bad I hate lending money And I'm only eighteen I love a free country You can't lie forever I miss him already, too His memorial is today I need to make history Moderation is the key I need to stop by a church Don't be such a hypocrite I swear the good die young I see what you're doing, God I wish you wanted more Swear I'm done with you I'm gonna need coffee Caffeine does nothing for me for this I'm having liposuction Living is too much pain I'm so tired of traveling It's time for a long drive I'm upset, not heartless Please trust me on this Inspirational atheism I am anti relationships Is love worth the pain?
To lose someone like that who always gave it 100 percent in everything he did, it was really like the good die young," Robinson said.
THE good die young and that seems to be the inevitable outcome of Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's beguiling and intensely moving screen adaptation of Jesse Andrews' debut novel.
If the good die young, should the bad and ugly be sent to jail or left free to get away with their ill-gotten gains?
His songs include "Piano Man,'' "Only the Good Die Young,'' "Just the Way You Are,'' "She's Always A Woman,'' "My Life,'' "Allentown,'' "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me'' and "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song).
org has 20 celebrities on it and Walker is ranking fourth, the site stated about late philanthropist; "It's said that only the good die young and Paul Walker was one of the best.
Now aged 64, the curly hair has gone and the little that remains may be grey, but Joel held his audience spellbound from the opening notes of his first song of the evening, My Life, right through to the 23rd offering of an unforgettable set - Only The Good Die Young.