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People are thrown together a good deal on a voyage like this.
Guest and you, sir; of course I feel the most indebted to you , who first took me into the business, and have taken a good deal of pains with me since."
"This man Barker has certainly been down here a good deal. He is a man who might be attractive to a woman.
A good deal of hammering went on before the curtain rose again, but when it became evident what a masterpiece of stage carpentery had been got up, no one murmured at the delay.
Hugo, getting thirsty after a long warble, drinks it, loses his wits, and after a good deal of clutching and stamping, falls flat and dies, while Hagar informs him what she has done in a song of exquisite power and melody.
With a good deal more of that sort, which I wondered how they knew.
The hearing of all this, and a good deal more, outlasted the banquet some time.
Either you slip out of service altogether, and become good for nothing, or you wear the harness and draw a good deal where your yoke-fellows pull you.
And though I was a good deal puffed up with my adventures and with having come off, as the saying is, with flying colours; yet he soon had me on my knees beside a simple, poor old man, and both proud and glad to be there.
As it was, I left him to himself a good deal, and he didn't like that either.
He talked of the old college days when he and Gaston had been a good deal to each other; of the days of keen and blind ambitions and large intentions.
The procession moved with a good deal of promptness.
Aunt Sally she was busy getting the children ready for bed; so by and by it got dull and tedious, and me and Tom took a turn in the moonlight, and fetched up in the watermelon-patch and et one, and had a good deal of talk.
"Sixty-seven,--a man can see and do a good deal in that time," I said, not flattering myself on the originality of the remark, but desiring to set him talking.
I can enjoy feeling melancholy, and there is a good deal of satisfaction about being thoroughly miserable; but nobody likes a fit of the blues.