good call

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good call

A good decision or idea. The phrase does not have to be preceded by an article. Hey, good call—I think the blue tie will bring out my eyes more, just like you said. Ordering this dish was definitely a good call—it's delicious!
See also: call, good

good call (or bad call)

used to express approval (or criticism) of a person's decision or suggestion. informal
Originally good call or bad call referred to decisions made by referees or umpires in a sports match.
See also: call, good

Good call!

exclam. That was a good decision! Good call, Walter! You picked the right company to deal with.
See also: good
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Speaking on Crimewatch Update, shown a few hours after the main programme, Northumbria Police's Det Chief Insp John Bent said: "We have had a number of good calls that are helping us with our inquiries.
Liam williams deserves his start and the forwards needed a shake up Richie Burns SOME good calls in there and nice to see Gatland making some changes.
Making Good calls on the public to suggest reparation work they would like to see carried out in their area by visiting the Making Good page of the YJB website.
Good calls and execution will enable the defensive team to get the ball and allow them to get off the field.