good as new

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(as) good as new

In good or perfect condition, often after an act of restoration. When I broke my foot, I was in a cast for six weeks, but now I'm as good as new. Look at this vintage comic book I found in the attic—it's good as new! Once I sand and paint this old chair, it will be as good as new.
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*good as new

Cliché as good as when it was new; as well or as healthy as normal. (*Also: as ∼.) A little rest and I'll be as good as new.
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good as new

1. If something is as good as new, it is in the same perfect condition it was when it was new. You can use a damp cloth to get your keyboard looking as good as new. Note: You can also talk about a good-as-new thing. These upmarket second-hand shops deal in good-as-new clothes with prestige labels.
2. If a person who has been ill is as good as new, they have recovered completely. I'd worked myself into near exhaustion, but after a week's vacation I was as good as new. He'll lose a few kilos, but he'll finish up as good as new.
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(as) ˌgood as ˈnew


like ˈnew

in very good condition, as it was when it was new: I’ve had your coat cleaned — it’s as good as new now.
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good as new

Virtually the same as new. This expression is used not only for objects, as in “That used couch is as good as new” but for recovery from an accident or illness (“The surgery worked; his heart is as good as new”). Good as alone dates from the fifteenth century. Other comparisons were added over the years, such as good as gold. The current cliché dates from the nineteenth century.
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