good as done

*good as done

the same as being done; almost done. (*Also: as ∼. Many different words can replace done in this phrase, according to context: cooked, dead, finished, painted, typed, etc.) This job is as good as done. It'll just take another second. Yes, sir, if you hire me to paint your house, it's as good as painted. When I hand my secretary a package to be shipped, I know that it's as good as delivered right then and there.
See also: done, good
References in classic literature ?
I wonder what Cathcart will say when he knows that the road is as good as done, and that I've got his job!
I can bray to perfection, and if you can ever so little, the thing's as good as done.
The glorious thought that I have caught my opportunity at last, and that my grateful service for my dearest friend in the world is as good as done already, flies up into my head and makes me drunk.
Why, yes,' returned Sampson, 'I should say as good as done.