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1. slang Someone who is silly or stupid. That guy's a total goober—I can't ask him to prom!
2. slang A pimple. Do you have any zit cream? I've got a huge goober right in the middle of my forehead.
3. slang A tumor. Is this her latest scan? Aw man, that goober hasn't gotten any smaller.
4. Peanut, particularly in the Southern US. Did you really grow up on a goober farm in Georgia?

goober grabber

slang Someone who harvests peanuts, particularly in the Southern US. "Goober" is another name for a peanut, particularly in the Southern US. Did you really grow up as a goober-grabber on a farm in Georgia?
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goober grease

slang Peanut butter. "Goober" is another name for a peanut, particularly in the Southern US. Want me to put some goober-grease on this sandwich for you?
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n. someone who picks peanuts. (Typically someone native to Georgia where peanuts are grown. From guber. Forced and contrived.) One of the local goober-grabbers took us to a peanut boil.


n. peanut butter. Pass me some of that goober-grease, will ya?


and goober (ˈgubɚ)
1. n. a facial pimple. (see also goob.) How does anybody get rid of goobers?
2. n. a tumor. (see also boogie.) The patient with the abdominal guber is going into surgery now.


See guber
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The eldest Dean brother, sometimes known as Goober or Poodle or Elmer the Great, made a distinctive impact in baseball, even if not as a player on the field.
Europeans encountered peanuts growing in the Caribbean and South America when they explored the Western Hemisphere in the sixteenth century, but the goober pea was apparently rare in Mexico.
The history of the Goober pea is surprisingly very interesting and this book's style makes it even more riveting!
Williams's nickname for his brother was "Dinky," meaning small; "Gooper" suggests "Goober," a small peanut, both derisive terms.
Peanuts, which are sometimes known as goobers or goober peas, from the African word "nguba."
When they agreed, he went back to his room and started gobbling aspirin "like goober peas." On the day of the competition, the fever came down, but he still felt as bad.
After all, how can you call anything a goober and take it seriously?
$ TOP BRANDS (MILLIONS) YEAR AGO SHARE Jif $678.8 -2.7% 36.4% Private label 348.5 -5.8 18.7 Skippy 193.9 0.6 10.4 Peter Pan 178.0 -2.7 9.5 Skippy Natural 84.7 6.8 4.5 Smucker's 57.1 -1.1 3.1 Skippy Super Chunk 40.7 -9.6 2.2 Smucker's Goober 28.9 0.3 1.5 Jif To Go 27.4 -6.1 1.5 Smart Balance 21.5 -7.5 1.2 CATEGORY TOTAL 1,864.3 -2.8 100.0 UNIT SALES CHANGE VS.
If Republicans can't figure out a way to do that and keep Goober on the front porch, Democrats will do it eventually."
Washington, May 7 ( ANI ): George Lindsey, who was known for his act as Goober Pyle in the TV series "The Andy Griffith Show, died at the age of 83 on Sunday.
Or bustin' sugar rocks in a sunny field of goober peas in the dead silence of an Alabama summer.
Designed to enhance a child's feelings about themselves, their friends, and their families, the songs comprising "We've Got Harmony" include The Clapping Song; The First Day of School; Primary Colors; Count Your Money; I Fly My Kite; Goober Peas; Harmony; Look at the World; In Grandma's Garden; I Love the Island; On a Rainy Day; and I Wish.
In this gubernatorial election, let's have a change of pace and not elect another goober.
While the journey is neither uneventful nor without humor, a certain tedium sets in that isn't helped by uninspired set pieces such as an interlude in which a depressed SpongeBob and Patrick get "drunk" on ice cream at the Good, Goober nightspot.
Goober and I Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches (p.