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a gong show

A wild, chaotic, ridiculous, and/or disastrous event. Sometimes written as "gongshow." From the 1976–1978 television show The Gong Show, an amateur talent contest in which judges would end particularly bad acts by striking a giant gong. Primarily heard in Canada. Did you go to that party last night? What a gong show! A: "How do you think you did on your exam?" B: "It was a total gong show. I'll be lucky if I even passed."
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gong (one)

To abruptly dismiss or stop someone who is in the middle of something. The 1970s TV show The Gong Show popularized the practice of halting a talent act by striking a gong. I thought my presentation was going well, until the boss gonged me halfway through and wouldn't let me continue!
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kick the gong around

old-fashioned slang To smoke opium or inject heroin. With how glassy her eyes were, I wondered whether she'd been kicking the gong around before she came over to meet me. I think I'll stay home. I hear they're planning to kick the gong around, and I'd rather not be there for that.
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kick the gong around

smoke opium. informal
Gong is early 20th-century US slang for a narcotic drug, especially opium.
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mod. drug intoxicated. (Drugs. Originally on opium.) Mooshoo found himself in the alley, gonged.
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Last year, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts approved a proposal by the local senior citizens' association to train out-of-school youth in the art of gong making.
Before the new gong travelled with the delegates from Benguet and the RDC, Benguet elders held rituals and poured some wine unto the gong as part of the Cordillera tradition.
I think the Belt and Road Initiative is highly likely to become China's most significant contribution to the Middle East peace process because it will provide the economic solution the region needs," Gong said.
Explaining that Chi Gong is different from alternate therapies like Yoga, which involves a series of 'asanas' (postures) or Tai Chi, which is a disguised form of martial arts with gentle dance movements, Ania said Chi Gong is actually the base of all martial arts.
After G&A's testing, the gong itself appears as new.
Despite the challenges that the country has faced in the last couple of years, we never relented to work closely with channel partners in Egypt to build a win-win business environment for us, our partners and their customers," Gong added.
After investigating these two representative writers from two new literary genres, Gong moves on to film.
Following resubmission of the application, Apple called Gong and clarified with her that the company is "not interested in the concept.
the o do ople who ditional "These three policemen turns to interrogate me and they often said to threaten m'If you don't stop practising Gong you will never be rele"Like all other people in tlabour camp, I was forced to extremely heavy labour.
Each town and city will be represented by at least 300 gong players.
The book proceeds through six chapters that seek to examine the main aspects of the rise, development, and ideology of the Falun Gong movement.
Part of the exhibition is dedicated to showing how the practice of Falun Gong has changed people's lives, providing them with a return to traditional Chinese values.
The contents of Li's speech reflected upon the enormous shifts of fortune experienced by the movement in its brief history, and looked forward with predictions of greater changes yet to come--changes that would affect not only Falun Gong and its practitioners but the whole world and indeed the entire cosmos.
Caldwell is also now offering gong-only versions of the Magnum Rifle Gong and the Kill Zone Magnum Gong.