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A person or thing that is doomed or destined for failure. If he jumps out of that plane and his parachute doesn't open, he's a goner. I'm a goner if my parents find out I dented the car.

(a) goner

a dead or dying creature or person. The boy brought the sick fish back to the pet store to get his money back. "This one is a goner," he said. John thought he was a goner when his parachute didn't open.

a goner

Something or someone that is dead, doomed, ruined, or past recovery, as in If this new drug doesn't work, he's a goner; or Without a working transmission, my car's a goner. Synonyms of this idiom, such as a gone goose or chicken or gosling , are no longer heard as much. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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n. someone or something finished or nearly finished. The horse was a goner, so it had to be destroyed.
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Jeremiah: Our record Alice and Friends came out August 11 on Goner.
MessageLabs says that SkyScan AV has proved itself by instantly identifying and stopping all recent virus outbreaks including Lovebug, Sircam, Nimda and Goner.
Most organizations already have the products and people in place to prevent infection from malware such as Goner, they simply don't have the capabilities or direction to best utilize these resources.
He was axed yesterday after 15 months in charge and Niko Kovac has been put in GONER Axed boss temporary charge of the national side.
Also got a DVD and CD combo from last year's Gonerfest, with bands from Goner and other labels.
THE favourite looks like obliging in this week's eviction, with Jayne looking a goner after being put up against Richard in a head-to-dead, writes Bruce Millington.
Win the league, get us into the Champions League or you're a goner.
Two years after the LoveBug virus first appeared, mass mailing viruses like SirCam and Goner still causing havoc around the world.
Independent researcher Computer Economics said viruses such as Code Red II, the Goner worm and the QAZ worm caused mayhem with systems across the globe last year.
Electronics giant Panasonic at Newport said there had been two instances of the Goner virus appearing but it had been detected by checks.
Network Up and Running During Goner Outbreak Multi-Tiered Defense Strategy Pays Off
Ron Carey may be a goner, but the reform movement inside the Teamsters lives on.
Every 15 minutes he's down on the deck, battered and bleeding, a goner for sure; five minutes later he's back up fighting the bad guys.
This new breed of attack -- as seen in Nimda, Code Red, Code Blue, and Goner -- combines a "virus" and "worm" that allows remote users to hijack systems for use in later malicious activity.
The 44-year-old told Roisin: "I am glad you were there, or I was a goner.