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The footage has gone viral on social media platforms, and shows a car being swept away as a citizen tries to drive away from the wadi.
A video of two television anchors of Pakistan news channel quarrelling between takes has gone viral on social media.
The warmth between a dog and its master (Internet) CAIRO, Egypt: A photograph of a woman with her dog has gone viral on Egyptian social media platforms, with many saying they felt touched by the intimate bond between the pet and its owner.
IANS Hyderabad Police in Hyderabad on Wednesday registered a case for hurting religious sentiments of Muslims against the director of a Malayalam movie, whose song featuring actress Priya Prakash Varrier has gone viral.
PESHAWAR -- While the PML-N has been content with a massive showing in Peshawar, the seat of power of its main political opponent, a video apparently showing activists from the rally raising the painful chants of 'Go Nawaz Go' has gone viral, putting a damper on celebrations.
Before the incident, another video also showing a young man on the tracks had also gone viral.
Summary: Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Jan 6 (ANI): In a shocking video that has gone viral, the owner of a spice factory in Sagar was seen mercilessly beating a woman employee.
Jo said she was shocked when a friend of hers told her that the photo had gone viral.
Omani Despacito This Omani version of despacito has gone viral with over 3 million views, across the world and for the right reasons.
Thai mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) has launched the Gone Viral internet video service on the local market.
A skateboarding dog, which his owner claims taught himself, has gone viral after stunning onlookers in a London park.
Summary: A Lebanese campaign aimed at raising awareness against sexual harassment has gone viral across social media networks.
AVIDEO made by a 10-yearold boy to tackle the prejudice against autistic children has gone viral.
After the videos with Mufti Abdul Qavi had gone viral, I planned to murder her and was waiting for the best moment.
Baloch posted the pictures with Mufti Abdul Qavi on her Facebook and Twitter page on June 20 that had gone viral with thousands of shares.