go into free fall

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go into free fall

To experience a sudden, rapid, and uncontrollable decline (e.g., in value, reputation, success, etc.) that continues unabated for an indefinite length of time. The stock market went into free fall after the housing market collapsed. After getting busted by the police last year, John's life has gone into free fall.
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go into freefall

COMMON If the value or level of something goes into freefall, it starts to fall very quickly. A massive £8bn was wiped off values, and the pound went into freefall. Fears are now widespread that shares could go into freefall before Christmas. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something is in freefall. Perot's ratings were in freefall, his election campaign a disaster. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something freefalls. His career seemed about to freefall into oblivion. Note: In parachuting, freefall is the part of the jump before the parachute opens.
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be in/go into ˌfree ˈfall

be falling/start to fall rapidly: Share prices are in free fall in Tokyo this morning.The value of the euro against the dollar went into free fall as soon as the news was announced.
From the moment you jump out of a plane until the moment your parachute opens, you are in free fall.
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BY the autumn of 2008 the UK economy had gone into free fall.
But what the hawker thought would be an interesting way to promote his wares, in a country whose economy has gone into free fall, ignited a debate that persisted even after he got off the carriage.
A mismanaged economy which has gone into free fall, a rupee which is being hammered -- ab tak chappan -- as I write this and a general policy freeze which has investors worried.
DUBAI: Just one year ago, property prices in Dubai were surging to record peaks undeterred by a real estate slump in major markets, but they have since gone into free fall and have yet to find the bottom.
Stock markets in Asia have gone into free fall following a record fall on Wall Street overnight despite efforts by the US central bank to signal a possible interest rate cut soon.
But the rating of the Abe Cabinet has gone into free fall in the short period since it was launched.
Newtown's season has gone into free fall following six straight league defeats, a run which coincides with the absence through injury of influential striker Danny Barton.
Under Mugabe, the economy has gone into free fall. Nearly 60 percent of the workforce is jobless, and the annual rate of inflation is 116 percent.
That change in style helped them soar to the top of the table early on, but they have gone into free fall since then and Dair is convinced they will only turn that form slump around by rediscovering some of the up and at 'em determination.
THE LABOUR Party's membership has gone into free fall with hundreds quitting the rank-and-file every week, its annual report revealed last night.
And while the Brandywell club have clearly gone into free fall over the past month, a victory this evening is vital if Kevin Mahon's men are to arrest the current slide.