go full circle

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go full circle

To return to the original or very similar position, situation, or attitude at which things began, especially after a long or circuitous series of changes. After dreaming of a career in politics as a young child, and then spending her college years as a staunch political dissident, Carrie has gone full circle and now serves as her state's representative in Congress. The novel goes full circle by the end, with the errant prince reclaiming his rightful place on the throne.
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come/go full ˈcircle

after a long period of changes, return to the position or situation in which something/you started: The wheel of fashion has come full circle. I was wearing shoes like that thirty years ago.
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full circle, come/go

The cycle is completed. This expression, probably originated by Shakespeare in King Lear (“The wheel is come full circle,” 5.3), has been used ever since to describe a situation in which events run their course and things end much as they began.
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"Growing up, the gaffer was my hero, my idol and always the player I looked up to so it has gone full circle really."
"At the end of term I'll be going out of the door with my granddaughter, things will have gone full circle."
Seems to have gone full circle since I got my first job.
MacPherson said: "He was 18 when we gave him his debut so he's gone full circle coming back to St Mirren.
"It feels like I've gone full circle, as it was Mick and Mark who helped me to get going as an apprentice."
They've gone full circle. Yes, they did go through the phase of checking out each other's cell phones and having a "dress code" for the sake of keeping the other partner happy.
"It's kind of gone full circle - people now thinking 'they have a seriously good squad'.
Simon Hain, a director of ehB Commercial, said: "We've gone full circle really as it was us who found their current headquarters, Geberit House - which we are imminently about to bring to the market - and now their new one."
So it only seems fitting that a significant, darker part of their history has gone full circle and been made into a TV drama.
And so we have gone full circle, we've gone away from liberty and gone toward toleration, and with toleration comes persecution and heresy trials and we're back into the dark ages before liberty in the United States.
LAST ONE Things have gone full circle for the grumpy doc (Martin Clunes) this series because Louisa (Caroline Catz, also above) is leaving for Spain again.
"However, the emphasis now seems to have gone full circle and we have returned to a post war emphasis on saving and paying down debt."
"But opinions have gone full circle and many people feel it is a very sad day that it is going."
can exclusively reveal things have gone full circle.