go beyond (something)

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go beyond (something)

1. To physically move past a certain point. Kids, don't go beyond the stop sign at the end of the block!
2. To exceed the expectations, requirements, or limits of something. I will award extra credit to anyone who goes beyond the parameters of the assignment with their research. The report concluded that the governor had gone beyond the purview of her office in the way she handled the incident.
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go beyond someone or something

to pass ahead of someone or something. I went beyond the place where I should have turned off. Fred went beyond me a half block before he remembered who I was. Then he came back and said hello.
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go beyond something

1. Lit. to do more of something than the expected amount; to go further with something than was required. You clearly went beyond what was required of you. Sharon went beyond the basic requirements.
2. . Fig. to go past something or some place. We went beyond the town and lost our way. They went beyond the turnoff.
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References in classic literature ?
Ferguson carefully remarked that they had not gone beyond the second degree of south latitude, nor the twenty-ninth of east longitude.
I had to confess that mine had not gone beyond a few straggling notes.
The income from it, for the last three-and-twenty years, which should properly have been his, and which the dead man had squandered to the last farthing, was gone beyond recall.
Perhaps you have heard that I have suffered the keenest distress of mind from Henry's having taken to a pursuit which--well!' shrugging her shoulders, 'a very respectable pursuit, I dare say, and some artists are, as artists, quite superior persons; still, we never yet in our family have gone beyond an Amateur, and it is a pardonable weakness to feel a little--'
A moment more and Jane Clayton's safety might have been assured, even though Numa, the lion, was already gathering himself in preparation for a charge; but Fate, already all too cruel, now outdid herself--the wind veered suddenly for a few moments, the scent spoor that would have led the ape-man to the girl's side was wafted in the opposite direction; Tarzan passed within fifty yards of the tragedy that was being enacted in the glade, and the opportunity was gone beyond recall.
However, the government had gone beyond the limit in eleven months to sustain its foreign exchange reserves.
By December 2017, the inbound visits of Hainan have gone beyond one million, reaching the goal of "achieving one million inbound visits by 2020" three years in advance.
Implementation Engineers is a business-optimization firm that has gone Beyond Consulting℠ to help companies solve complex problems in nearly all industries worldwide for more than 50 years.
TOMMY Dunne has slammed his team's discipline record and fumed: "It's gone beyond a joke".
The $62 million renovation has gone beyond the purely physical and technological, thoroughly rethinking the way the museum traces the history of Olympianism.
According to the sources, the high prices of poultry have gone beyond of the capacity of the common men which have forced them to not use chicken at their table.
Having gone beyond the requirements of only marking items and sub-assemblies valued at over $5,000, the CH-47 program has targeted 1,175 separate parts for marking.
In Lake Ontario, historically the most dioxin-contaminated of the Great Lakes, "each year now, for the last 4, we've had successful reproduction that's gone beyond the fry stage."
The Realtor trademark identifies a professional who has gone beyond licensing to become a member of a local association such as the Bronx Board of Realtors and has agreed to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.
But Barton is not the only historian to have gone beyond dwelling on the empirical truth of what ancient authors say.