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African golf ball

offensive slang A watermelon. A reference to the stereotype of Black people having an affinity for watermelon. (As former African-American slaves grew and sold watermelons following the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the fruit became representative of their freedom and was then used as a demeaning stereotype by whites who opposed that freedom.)
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golf clap

1. noun An instance of applause performed in a quiet, restrained manner. Typical of spectators at a golf course, where it is traditional to maintain a quiet, restrained atmosphere. Elsewhere, it can be done in a humorous or mocking way. You're performing in a museum—you're only going to get a golf clap here, not wild cheers. All I got for my effort was golf claps—really?
2. verb To clap in such a way. The crowd golf clapped and murmured in appreciation of the player's massive drive. You don't have to golf clap here—let's see some enthusiasm, folks!
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golf widow

A woman whose husband frequently absents himself from home so as to go and play golf. I thought I would finally see more of John after his retirement, but I became a golf widow instead.
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African golf ball

and African grape
n. a watermelon. (Alludes to an early stereotype of Americans of African descent being very fond of watermelon. Forced, contrived, and demeaning.) When he said we were having African grapes for dessert, I though he meant sherbet. Look at the size of that African golf ball!
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n. a quiet kind of “patting” applause like that made in golf tournaments. (One had quietly claps against the back of the other hand.) The audience sat there throughout. Not even a little golf clap. I think our act is washed up.
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Rick Reilly's whole book is something like the Clinton chapter in Van Natta's: His idea was to go golfing with a number of famous people and tell about it, except his idea is not to golf with them, but to caddy for them.
Indeed the organization has come a long way and now sets its sights on becoming the first minority golfing organization that allows participants to become nationally ranked.
Based near Malaga on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, Huxley Golf Andalucaea will bring PGA-standard all-weather professional greens, tees and practice aids to one of Europe's foremost golfing destinations.
Andalucaea, often described as Europe's golfing capital, hosts over 150 golf courses which benefit from beautiful surrounds and a sunny climate that allows the sport to be enjoyed year round.
Simon Duffield, general manager of Almouj Golf, said, "We are really pleased to join hands with our Muscat golfing colleagues to provide people with this offer.
A decade ago, developing golfing skills for business were not high on a career woman's list of priorities.
Stephen's thirst for competition was evident throughout his high school years, and during that time he was state champion for the Texas Interscholastic League golfing competitions for three consecutive years.
Intent on keeping busy and trying to perfect his golfing skills, Jeremy also plays summer league golf through the Houston Golf Association.
Summary: Muscat: With Oman making its mark in the international golfing arena by organising the GCC ...
Key source markets have been identified as the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, China, Korea and Japan, with golfing to be packaged as both a primary purpose of visit and/or as part of an overall engaging destination experience.
Few know that better than Maurtice Ivy, a former all-American and professional women's basketball player who took up golfing two years ago.
The first anniversary of operations at Almouj Golf also marks the impact that the course has made on both the golfing community in Oman and the wider Muscat community.
Many of the venues have survived as culturally significant urban golfing oases--courses such as Rackham in Detroit, Jackson Park in Chicago, Langston in D.C., Douglas in Indianapolis and Swope Park in Kansas City, to name just a few.
Back then, caddying meant a little spending money for young Thomas, but he never dreamed that as a businessman, golfing would earn money for him.