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golf widow

A woman whose husband frequently absents himself from home so as to go and play golf. I thought I would finally see more of John after his retirement, but I became a golf widow instead.
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African golf ball

and African grape
n. a watermelon. (Alludes to an early stereotype of Americans of African descent being very fond of watermelon. Forced, contrived, and demeaning.) When he said we were having African grapes for dessert, I though he meant sherbet. Look at the size of that African golf ball!
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n. a quiet kind of “patting” applause like that made in golf tournaments. (One had quietly claps against the back of the other hand.) The audience sat there throughout. Not even a little golf clap. I think our act is washed up.
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Baldwin is a golf instructor for Detroit's Police Athletic League and the First Tee of Michigan.
Indeed, there may be less predictive power about their presidencies in watching how they golf than in watching whom they golf with.
While Warner admits she quickly learned the sport because of a boyfriend, Ri'Chard says it was golf star Tiger Woods who inspired him to learn the game from his neighbor Bill Richardson.
The World Series of Golf is a completely new way to experience the game of golf.
PITTSBURGH May--TBD; Mini School Lean Manufacturing, June 14--Cedarbrook Golf Course; Golf Outing.
To keep his game in tip-top shape, Jeremy practices four days a week with his dad at the Gus Wortham Golf Course.
John Jacobs Golf Schools, Palm Desert and Rancho Marage- 800 472-5007
At the end of March, the Shanghai Zha Bei District Court convicted 2 defendants of selling counterfeit golf equipment.
Tiger Woods aside, golf is a multibillion-dollar industry that is growing in popularity.
American Express, which recently signed Woods to a $13 million endorsement deal, has introduced a credit card that allows customers to earn points to purchase golf equipment, instruction, apparel or access to courses.
Low Country cruises: Clipper Cruise Line offers golf cruises sailing through the Intracoastal Waterway between Charleston, N.
I found out I could smack a golf ball and make it go straight and far," wrote Sifford in his autobiography, Just Let Me Play.
We strongly believe that the TopGolf concept is a very innovative way to both attract new players to the game of golf while also giving serious golfers another exciting forum in which they can pursue their passion," said George Fellows, President and CEO of Callaway Golf.
a Houston-based BE 100s petroleum products company, swears by the golf course as a way of doing business.