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African golf ball

offensive slang A watermelon. A reference to the stereotype of black people having an affinity for watermelon. (As former African-American slaves grew and sold watermelons following the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the fruit became representative of their freedom and was then used as a demeaning stereotype by whites who opposed that freedom.)
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golf clap

1. noun An instance of applause performed in a quiet, restrained manner. Typical of spectators at a golf course, where it is traditional to maintain a quiet, restrained atmosphere. Elsewhere, it can be done in a humorous or mocking way. You're performing in a museum—you're only going to get a golf clap here, not wild cheers. All I got for my effort was golf claps—really?
2. verb To clap in such a way. The crowd golf clapped and murmured in appreciation of the player's massive drive. You don't have to golf clap here—let's see some enthusiasm, folks!
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golf widow

A woman whose husband frequently absents himself from home so as to go and play golf. I thought I would finally see more of John after his retirement, but I became a golf widow instead.
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African golf ball

and African grape
n. a watermelon. (Alludes to an early stereotype of Americans of African descent being very fond of watermelon. Forced, contrived, and demeaning.) When he said we were having African grapes for dessert, I though he meant sherbet. Look at the size of that African golf ball!
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n. a quiet kind of “patting” applause like that made in golf tournaments. (One had quietly claps against the back of the other hand.) The audience sat there throughout. Not even a little golf clap. I think our act is washed up.
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