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a goldfish bowl

A place, situation, or environment in which one has little or no privacy. A reference to the (typically) spherical bowls in which pet fish are often kept, which can be seen into from all sides. One of the prices of success for a pop star is having to live in a goldfish bowl under the scrutiny of the public eye. I feel like I'm in a goldfish bowl working at this new company, with all their security cameras posted everywhere.
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goldfish bowl

A situation affording no privacy, as in Being in a goldfish bowl comes with the senator's job-there's no avoiding it. The glass bowl allowing one to view goldfish from every direction was transferred first, in the 1920s, to a police interrogation room equipped with a one-way mirror. By the mid-1900s the expression was being used more broadly.
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goldfish bowl

a place or situation lacking privacy.
See also: bowl, goldfish
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If you have the space for a big goldfish, your best bets for raising a giant one are to supply lots of high-protein food and warmth.
The chain is giving each guest a bowl with three goldfish.
London's Evening Standard have Ridsdale and his goldfish mentioned twice this week.
A spokeswoman for the museum said some youngsters were getting upset when they saw the goldfish as they thought it must be in distress, although this was not the case.
To make up for the loss of the koi, he has brought in several spotted and multi-colored shubunkin goldfish with black, orange, red, blue, and white markings.
Like Morgan Stanley, Goldfish built a loyal customer base by rewarding its customers for everyday use of their credit card.
However, instead of inserts carp nuclei into carp eggs, Zhu's team inserted them into goldfish eggs.
There have been no previous reports of somatic gene transfer to the fish brain; therefore, it was necessary to optimize injection and transfection conditions for the adult goldfish (Carassius auratus).
At least that's the lasting impression left by Goldfish Memory, writer-director Liz Gill's cheery, brisk, and lively romantic comedy in which a group of amiable interconnected couples hook up, part, and recombine in ways that suggest La Ronde lite.
Do you think the goldfish are aware that the cat is watching them?
Hundreds of goldfish were floating on top of the water.
Greg becomes very proud of his goldfish and begins to take him everywhere.
3% in the last year - double the annual rate of high street inflation, according to the e-Tail Price Index of the financial services and consumer information provider Goldfish.
A carp-raising firm in Nara Prefecture said Wednesday it has succeeded in breeding goldfish with an all-gold color for the first time in the world, after 15 years of cross fertilization through artificial insemination.