golden opportunity

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a golden opportunity

An outstanding, perhaps even ideal, chance to do something. Often one that happens rarely. This is a golden opportunity for you—please don't cancel this interview.
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(a) golden opportunity

Fig. an excellent opportunity that is not likely to be repeated. When I failed to finish college, I missed my golden opportunity to prepare myself for a good job.
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The city has a golden opportunity to rectify the neglect in the north of our city.
Crewe's Kenny Lunt had missed a golden opportunity to score.
There are more contradictions: The foreword of the report, signed by Wim Duisenberg, says that the golden opportunity "can only be seized if policymakers make the right choices and the private sector is confident about the future and thus dares to take initiatives.
golden opportunity may present itself through your own hard working efforts.
Second, there is the golden opportunity for us to speak to God through intermediaries, notably the Virgin Mary and a whole cohort of saints who presumably are more than willing to take our cases to the highest court.
Summary: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Kashmir on Saturday, rued the fact that a golden opportunity to put the Kashmir issue on the front burner internationally was lost in the recent past.
And it is a golden opportunity to lay a claim for the Ryder Cup debut he craves in the final qualifying event for the American team.
The city has not done a lot of tourism-related activity in the past, and it's a golden opportunity within our grasp and we need to step forward," says Krassilowsky.
We call them the golden opportunity employers because they give a golden opportunity to some people who thought they would never get a job again.
The Bush Administration has a golden opportunity to back up its free trade rhetoric by pledging to make substantial changes in the sugar program.
If you live in one of those towns, this might be your golden opportunity to ease yourself out of your closet, stand on your hind legs and belt, "I want my GTV--only because the cooking shows are so fabulous
We saw a golden opportunity in renovating and re-positioning 685," says Davidoff, who is president of Emmes Asset Management Corp.
Owning a dealership has long been Moore's goal Completing the General Motors Dealer Development Academy Class 15 in 1990, he waited five years for his golden opportunity.