golden opportunity

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(a) golden opportunity

Fig. an excellent opportunity that is not likely to be repeated. When I failed to finish college, I missed my golden opportunity to prepare myself for a good job.
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The Golden Opportunity originated with the simple question: Would people, if given the opportunity, rise to the occasion and conduct a meaningful micro-act?
Golden Opportunity is paying 100,000 dollars per hole on the current program which is scheduled for seven holes in 2004.
The Angels (79-59) blew a golden opportunity to pull within a half-game of Oakland in the American League West, and fell five games behind Boston in the wild-card race after the Red Sox swept the A's with an 8-3 win.
It was literally our golden opportunity to put the fire of the epidemic out.
Investors have called the Central American country a golden opportunity, with a stable economy and skyrocketing real estate market.
Golden Opportunity Resources (GDNO-PK) has been informed by the company's joint venture partner and project operator, Big Snowy Resources LP, that the drilling of a well located 6,000 feet northwest of the hole Golden Opportunity is set to drill has been completed to target depth.
It didn't take a group of school kids to figure out how the Clippers let a golden opportunity slip away Saturday in a 116-109 loss to the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center,
Among those sucked into this caper are an actor who does Beckett under the stars while waiting to hear if he's landed a TV job as an intergalactic rodent, a masseuse whose one golden opportunity consisted of standing in for Jodie Foster while making Foxes, and a young gay playwright (guess who?
The report, which is available free to the public on their website, is titled "A Research Report on Ethanol Investment: Golden Opportunity or Fool's Gold?
Golden Opportunity Resources is pleased to report that it will soon commence drilling the first well on the Black Tiger prospect with its 50/50 joint venture partner, Big Snowy Resources L.
For others, it's a golden opportunity and a chance to display their underused skills.
Golden Opportunity Resources is pleased to announce that it has received an update from the operator of the Rinsland No.