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German goiter

A large distended belly, as might result from heavy consumption of beer. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I'd like to run a marathon some day, but first I need to do something about this German goiter of mine.
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Milwaukee goiter

and German goiter (mɪlˈwɔki ˈgoɪdɚ and ˈdʒɚmən ˈgoɪdɚ)
n. a beer belly. (Refers to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a major beer-brewing city, and to Germany.) By the time he was twenty-six, he was balding and had a Milwaukee goiter that would tip him over if he turned too fast. If you want to get rid of that German goiter, stop drinking beer!
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German goiter

See also: german, goiter
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The multinodular goiters in our population had been diagnosed on the basis of either clinical palpation or an ultrasonographic finding of two or more thyroid nodules.
8221;[sup][12],[13],[14] However, some nodules do not display typical benign or malignant features, and a great number of goiters with fibrosis were evaluated as malignant nodules by mistake.
Best approach for posterior mediastinal goiter removal: transcervical incision and lateral thoracotomy.
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Five-year follow-up of a randomized clinical trial of total thyroidectomy versus Dunhill operation versus bilateral subtotal thyroidectomy for multinodular nontoxic goiter.
131]I), hypothyroidism, and simple diffuse goiter suggest a misunderstanding of our study findings.
In the United States, MNG is generally nonendemic and unrelated to iodine deficiency, as distinguished from endemic goiter caused by iodine deficiency in other parts of the world.
75%) patients had various symptoms due to local pressure effects of the goiter in the form of dyspnoea, dysphagia and hoarseness of voice, 63(11.
Patient with or with high probability for thyroid cancer, recurrent goiter and those presenting with solitary thyroid nodules were excluded from the series.
The finding that LBPs perform better than do conventional smears for benign goiters is not consistent with the suggestion some make that the key diagnostic features of watery colloid, larger-sized tissue fragments, or an inability to quantify the amount of colloid make LBPs suboptimal for the diagnosis of goiters.
Background: To determine the thyroid function tests and urinary iodine levels in women belonging to goiter endemic area.
As common as goiters were in Michigan, they were conversely rare in people and animals living near the East and West coasts.
Large goiters can cause dysphagia or breathing difficulties due to local oesophageal or tracheal compression.
Although the incidence of post-ablative hypothyroidism was greater in patients with Graves' disease as compared to those with toxic nodular goiters (70% vs 42%) , the difference did not reach statistical significance (p=0.
Pure intrathoracic goiters do occur without extension from cervical thyroid.