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German goiter

A large distended belly, as might result from heavy consumption of beer. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I'd like to run a marathon some day, but first I need to do something about this German goiter of mine.
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Milwaukee goiter

and German goiter (mɪlˈwɔki ˈgoɪdɚ and ˈdʒɚmən ˈgoɪdɚ)
n. a beer belly. (Refers to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a major beer-brewing city, and to Germany.) By the time he was twenty-six, he was balding and had a Milwaukee goiter that would tip him over if he turned too fast. If you want to get rid of that German goiter, stop drinking beer!
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German goiter

See also: german, goiter
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Traditionally, patients with multinodular goiter have been considered to have a lower risk of malignancy than those with a single nodule.
Conclusion: Frequency of RLN injury was almost 5% as whole in thyroid surgery but rate was more in complicated cases like thyroid carcinoma, recurrent goiter and hyperthyroid goiter because of altered anatomy.
The natural history of benign nodular goiter is largely variable and unpredictable in a given patient because no specific predictive growth parameters exist.
Best approach for posterior mediastinal goiter removal: transcervical incision and lateral thoracotomy.
Globally, endemic goiter is prevalent in different regions of the world and is caused by iodine deficiency.
Conclusions: In our study, it was found that the most common complaints at presentation in patients with a diagnosis of hashimoto thyroiditis included goiter, weakness and weight gain and the prevalence of celiac diseases was found to be 1.
Total versus subtotal thyroidectomy for the management of benign multinodular goiter in an endemic region.
The risk of postoperative bleeding is higher in patients with retrosternal goiter and Grave's disease5.
After treatment with radioactive iodine, the goiter size reduces by almost 40% in a year.
Iodine nutritional status and goiter prevalence in 6-12 years primary school children of Saurashtra region, India.
Goiter may be manifested as retarded maturation and growth of skin and its appendages, the skeleton and/or central nervous system (Hopkins and Thorburn, 1972).
He said the warning signals of thyroid cancer are: a hard mass or nodules in the anterior neck; rapid enlargement of a long-standing goiter in older patients; cervical lymph node enlargement; hoarseness; difficulty of swallowing; and difficulty of breathing associated with goiter.
Iodine deficiency in childhood and adolescence is characteristically associated with endemic goiter [5].