go under the knife

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go under the knife

slang To undergo surgery. My dad is going under the knife on Thursday to try and clear the blockage in his heart.
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go under the knife

Fig. to submit to surgery; to have surgery done on oneself. She goes under the knife tomorrow for her gallbladder. Frank lives in constant fear of having to go under the knife.
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go (or be) under the knife

have surgery. informal
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go under the ˈknife

(informal) have a medical operation: Peter hates his nose so much that he’s seriously considering going under the knife to have it made smaller.
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Robert Sidoli aims to roar back for Wales in the Six Nations after going under the knife.
The Slovakian has opted to rest until January's Australian Open instead of going under the knife but said: "I am happy I do not need to have an operation.
Make sure the Doctor's credentials are top class before going under the knife.
BLACKBURN defender Lorenzo Amoruso claims he carried his knee injury for months before going under the knife -and that is why his form slumped.
Cosmetic surgery is no secret among the rich and famous, but socialite Tamara Beckwith admits that some of her mates go too far when it comes to going under the knife to look younger.
"I can't foresee myself ever going under the knife, but then again, I'm only in my mid-thirties," she said.
Hopefully, I'll be told it just needs more rest and that I won't have to go down the road of going under the knife.
MANY celebrities have taken the bold step of going under the knife for breast enlargement surgery.
But Liza, 67, has always denied going under the knife. In a recent interview she said: "I know people are saying, 'Look, she's had her face done'.
Washington, March 21 (ANI): A new statistics have revealed more men are going under the knife to look good.