go to extremes

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go to extremes

1. To take drastic measures toward some goal or end. I'm not surprised that he rigged the student council election—he seems like the type to go to extremes to get what he wants.
2. To act in an excessive or overzealous manner. Don't go to extremes scouring your whole house for my charging cord—just let me know if you happen to see it.
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go to extremes (to do something)

to be excessive in one's efforts to do something. Auntie Jane will go to extremes to make us all comfortable. Let's not go to extremes! We've already spent enough on gifts for the kids.
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go to exˈtremes


carry/take something to exˈtremes

behave in a way that is not moderate or normal: She really goes to extremes, spending such huge sums of money on entertaining her friends.You never go out after dark? That’s taking being careful to extremes, isn’t it?
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It's essential the force learns the lessons of the Stephen Lawrence fiasco, but that doesn't mean going to extremes of political correctness.
She said: "Holiday- makers are going to extremes in a bid to secure bargain package deals.