going great guns

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go great guns

To do something enthusiastically and successfully. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. He was hesitant at first, but now that he's been on the job for a month, he's going great guns.
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going great guns

Fig. going fast or energetically. I'm over my cold and going great guns. Business is great. We are going great guns selling ice cream.
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great guns, going

Proceeding vigorously. This term comes from British naval slang of the late eighteenth century, when blowing great guns signified a violent wind or storm. Another meaning for great guns, important persons, persisted throughout the nineteenth century, whereas in America the term was also an expletive for astonishment, comparable to “By George!” or “Great Scott!” It is the naval meaning that was transferred into the slangy cliché, however.
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Aston Villa are going great guns in Men's Division Two after they blitzed Broadway's second string 9-0.
In the afternoon Hassan was going great guns to the turn, out in 34 two better than Rossi's score, but coming home she had two bogeys, just one birdie and six pars in a 38 compared to Rossi's 34.
Especially at the moment when Boro are going great guns in both the UEFA Cup and FA Cup.
"We are going great guns, winning well and I just don't understand why some fans aren't turning out to support us."
F-A-B Thunderballs are going great guns in the first few weeks of the season.
SIMONA HALEP is going great guns but bookmakers may be wrong to expect her to sweep aside Sloane Stephens in today's Miami Open quarter-final clash, writes Adrian Humphries.
But whatever's going on off the field for Jammer, one thing for certain is that he's going great guns with Canterbury Bulldogs.
Either way, Sherwood and Tottenham are going great guns at the moment.
BEDWORTH United might be going great guns at the sharp end of the table but manager Steve Farmer is ready to strengthen his squad in readiness for what he believes is a do or die month for The Oval club.
"But it's not a two-horse race because Motherwell are going great guns.
They're going great guns and he's made some good signings," he said.
"I'd love to play against Colchester because they are going great guns and it will be a big game," said the Scot.
The Great Habton trainer, who has his string in good form, said: "Dazzling Bay is also going great guns and would be in with a good shout for the Wokingham.
But they are going great guns at the top of National III North this time around.